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African Street Festival!

African Street Festival!

Auntie Jelly’s Events proudly supports a phenomenal life-changing organization by the name of the African American Cultural Alliance (AACA) and the African Street Festival. The African American Cultural Alliance is a non-profit organization, founded in May of 1983, to promote and celebrate the cultural and historical  backgrounds of people of African descent throughout the African Diaspora.

Nashville’s Annual African Street festival is held at Hadley Park, this family-oriented festival has grown continuously and now attracts thousands who are interested in African and African American culture. Some of what’s included each year at the festival is arts and crafts, drumming, dance, storytelling and more Authentic African, American and other cuisines, an eclectic mix of live music, such as African, Reggae, Latin, R&B, Jazz, Gospel, Neo-Soul, Country, Blues, African Drumming & More  Spoken Word. The festival also features over one hundred (100) venders and fun competitions for youth to participate in. Families had an opportunity to take African dance and drum lessons during the festival.  The festival hosted an amazing art gallery featuring three phenomenal African-American artists who showcased black history through their art. We were especially excited about this year because Ms. Bella 2013 Victoria Wreh performed an energetic African dance that had the crowd on their feet cheering with excitement.

The African Street Festival is not just a social event…It’s a cultural and educational experience for all. Have a question or would like to get involved with the African American Cultural Association?  You can contact them by calling (615) 942-0706 or visit their website


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