African Street Festival!

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Auntie Jelly’s Events proudly supports a phenomenal life-changing organization by the name of the African American Cultural Alliance (AACA) and the African Street Festival. The African American Cultural Alliance is a non-profit organization, founded in May of 1983, to promote … Continue reading 

African Heritage Ball & Fun Day!


Auntie Jelly’s Events was proud to support Gateway 2 Africa in producing a fun filled weekend to bring awareness and raise funds for Bridges 2 Africa Inc, a phenomenal life-changing organization. Bridges to Africa Inc. is a foundation that works towards bridging the gap between … Continue reading 

Ms. Bella Pageant 2011!


The very first Ms. Bella Pageant took place on May 15th at Patterson Community Center in Murfreesboro, TN. It featured 10 vendors and some crowd pleasing entertainment. The program included belly dancers, a hip-hop dance routine, a young gospel singer and several exciting raffles … Continue reading 

Ms. Bella 2013!

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The Winner of the Ms. Bella Pageant 2013 is the beautiful Ms. Victoria Aku Wreh. Victoria Aku Wreh was born in West Africa, Liberia and left because of the 1990 Civil War to live in Ghana. It was while living … Continue reading 

Ms. Bella 2013 Sponsors!!


The Auntie Jelly’s Events’ team is excited about this year’s wonderful pageant sponsors. We believe in the power of positive networking. We encourage you to support these sponsors. #Excited! Ms. Bella Pageant 2013 Sponsors: 1. Auntie Jelly’s Events 2. Monster … Continue reading