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Ms. Bella Pageant Overview

I am Bella!!



 We are excited that you are interested in our pageant!

The Ms. Bella Pageant is dedicated to bringing you the most exciting pageant experience possible! We are independently produced.

The Ms. Bella Pageant is committed to supporting full figured women to enhance and improve their health and well-being. The pageant aspires to build a healthier community through positive networking, building new relationships, motivating personal growth, and encouragement. Participating in the Ms. Bella Pageant not only provides women with an opportunity to gain additional life experiences, but to also bring awareness to important community issues. Contestants can enhance their personal and professional skills while developing their performance-related talents.

The Ms. Bella Pageant is more than a mere beauty contest for full-figured women; it is a pageant that weighs all facets of their appearance and character. Our mission is to crown beautiful women with a love and passion for their community.  Our contestants  have the opportunity to choose a charitable platform that is near and dear to them. Our title holder will represent and advocate for her charity of choice during her reign. Our queens participate in various events  working with numerous philanthropic causes and making lifetime memories!

Eligibility Requirements

* Each contestant must be born a female.

* Contestant must be at least age 21 

* Each Contestant must wear size 14 or greater.

* Contestants may be single, married, widowed or divorced.

* Contestants are required to participate in Fun Fashion, Opening Number, Talent, Evening Wear and On Stage Question.

* Contestants are responsible for selling a minimum of two full-page ads for the pageant program booklet.

* All contestants must attend the pageant rehearsals.

Pageant Participation Fee $325

Application Fee to hold contestant spot $75

 Nashville Judged Categories

* Fun Fashion:  The fun fashion category will test your creativity. This is will be your best opportunity to stand out. You have the freedom to represent creative fashion in your own way. Props are allowed and contestants are encouraged to have fun with this category.

* Talent: Talent may consist of singing, dancing, poetry reading, etc. Contestants will be asked about their talent by the pageant host. No instruments will be provided. This category is judged on stage presence, originality and creativity. Props are allowed. Talent acts must not exceed 2 minutes and 30 seconds. No fire acts will be allowed. If music is needed for performance, contestant must provide music a week before the pageant.

* Evening wear: Contestants are permitted to wear an evening gown of their choice. Contestant must exude grace, poise, elegance and sophistication. Judges will be evaluating the gown, how well it suits the contestant, stage presence and style.

* On Stage Question: Questions will be asked aloud and each contestant will have two minutes to answer. (Eliminations may/may not have taken place prior to this segment of the competition)

*Contestants are responsible for their evening wear, theme wear, talent attire and talent props if needed.

Our pageant system is both unique to Nashville and rewarding!

All Nashville contestants will receive:

* Sash & Tiara *Pageant T-Shirt  * Pageant Gift Bag * Pageant Program *

 Contestants must have good moral character, possess poise, personality, intelligence and charm. Should there be a problem of any kind during the pageant or related events, the contestants are to report it to the director. Any unruly, unsportsmanlike, or any unbecoming conduct by a contestant or member of her entourage, or any disregard for the rules and regulations for this pageant, will result in immediate dismissal from the competition without refund.

The winner of the Ms. Bella Pageant will be making a positive difference in her community. She is committed to promoting community involvement, perseverance, talent and ambition. Ms. Bella is under contractual obligation to make a minimum of five (5) appearances and to volunteer a minimum of three times with her charity of choice.  During her reign, Ms. Bella will be responsible for arranging appearances concerning their title and success story.

Your application will not be processed until your application fee is received. When your application has been processed, you will receive a confirmation & welcome email.

Application fee and the balance of your pageant fee are required and are non-refundable.

Completing and submitting this application affirms that you agree to abide by all of the pageant rules, show good sportsmanship and accept the judge’s final decision.  Completing and submitting this application affirms that you agree to pay for unsold tickets and ads whether you complete the pageant or not.You agree to release the director, volunteers and the Ms. Bella Pageant committee from all claims for damages regarding property, accident, injury or accidental death sustained during or in connection with this event.

Ms. Bella Pageant Nashville Application