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Rave Reviews!

It’s Time To Get Excited!….

I got married on Saturday, July 22, 2006 at Born Again church in Nashville, Tenn. Auntie Jelly’s Events was my wedding coordinator and reception decorator. They played a dynamic role in making my wedding day a smooth and successful one. Jessica tirelessly and creatively worked at decorating my reception into a wonderful tropical setting. Each table was wonderfully ordained with palm leaves, tall flowers (that she meticulously spray-painted in lavender to coordinate with wedding colors), other matching table and eating decor. The procession of the wedding party during the ceremony and transition to the reception area occurred in a very efficient manner under Jessica’s direction. Everyone was pleased with the role Jessica played in making my wedding day less stressful and beautiful as it has been.
– Camille S.


Auntie Jelly’s helped me plan my fifth annual 25th birthday (30th birthday) party, better known as the Winter Luau, and it was fabulous!!! She was with me every step of the way with planning ideas that would ensure that I adhere to some type of budget (Lol)! She did an awesome job of finding the vendors that would make m…y party a wonderful event to remember and removing the stress of handing any business transactions that occurred with the vendors! During the party, I didn’t have to worry about a thing! I found comfort in knowing that everything was in the very capable hands of Jessica, who wanted me to have a great day just as much as I did! I am so thankful for the Auntie Jelly’s services I wish you many blessings and much success! I look forward to working with you again in the very near future! God Bless! :o)
-Regina M.


Thanks for making Cierra’s 7th birthday such a memorable one. You truly outdid yourself. I could have never pulled that off by myself. You are such a talented person and I adore your work. Stay focused and keep up the good work Jessica and I will be praying for you. God has given you a vision and he will see you through it. Thanks for everything,
– Jackie P.


Thank you Ms. Jessica. You are the greatest! I had a great time. Did you have a great time? Thank you.
– Cierra (age 8)

Cierra’s 8th birthday party was great. You did a wonderful job and everything turned out good. Thanks to you, Cierra now has another memorable birthday party. Thanks again and we appreciate all that you have done for us.
– Jackie P. (Cierra’s Mom)


Dear Auntie Jelly:

I have been reflecting on the times you have worked with me personally and with our Foundation to plan parties and events and I thought I would take the time to say thank you. I am always impressed by the passion, creativity and commitment you bring to the planning process. You also have a great way of doing it cheaply!

I recall watching you coordinate my son’s birthday party and was amazed that you paid attention to such details that I never before considered. You also engaged with him to find out what he would like. I appreciate how you customized what you did to reflect the uniqueness of the individual and you do not take a “cookie cutter” approach. You also seemed to really care about him as a person. I was truly amazed by that.

I saw the same thing when you became involved with Denzell and planning activities that would cheer him up. You took the time to prepare his home for him on his return from the hospital, you took the things that mattered to him and made them the central focus ex. the vacuum cleaner. Then I watched how you made his mom’s birthday event so special. If you had done a party without fanfare it would have been a great inspiration in itself, but you went over and above to ensure that details such as decor, ambiance, quality of food and entertainment was excellent.

I am amazed at your ability to engage others in the vision. You do care about those you work for and your passion engages those around you to get involved. I have observed this as you have worked with our Foundation. I recall how “stumped” we were on finding a way to honor our volunteers. We had no money in the budget and we so badly wanted to say “thank you” to them. We turned over the project to you and without asking for any funds you transformed the 3rd grade classroom into a “banquet area” with bright colors. In the midst of that dirty place, broken down desks and depressed environment you created a place for us to dine and have fun. We will never forget that.

Then I saw how you coordinated the shower for Kerine. Out of nothing you created a memory for years. I was just looking at the headpiece you fashioned and smiled, once again, at your creativity.

So…. thank you, thank you. thank you. You are the best.

Janeth B.
President, Fergus Simpson Foundation


 I just love Jelly Malenga and Auntie Jelly’s. You are a classic planner and so glad you found your calling. I am truly blessed to be able to say you are my sister. The way you are reading my mind these days is scary. lol. Funnily enough sometimes our thoughts  are simultaneous but Its almost as if,  if I’m thinking about it, you probably just thought about it. Can’t keep up with you lady!. You are anyone’s dream event planner.  Thanks for being such a blessing and keep flowing in your event planning SWAG. Above the sky is the limit for you. Kudos on another great event! The  Hoskins & Inkum, LLP  team is grateful.

– Gina I.


This is a WONDERFUL organization!  I wish you much success!!!

– Sheila B.