“Adding the three points against RCD Mallorca would bring us closer to the first objective”

Oscar Gil has been the first protagonist of the week in the press room. The right-back from Elche has admitted that they want the three points against the RCD Majorca to get closer to the first objective of the course, which is none other than salvation. After sending an affectionate greeting to the “people from the club and the association” ‘Es per tu’ who have traveled to the border between Ukraine and PolandHe has admitted that he must improve in defensive tasks, where this course is “suffering a little”, he thanks the coach for his confidence and assures that John Garcia is “a goalkeeper”, although he has advanced that “we have Diego Lopez» for the duel against RCD Majorca.

To get better: “I think I’m a young winger who lacks room for improvement, this year I’m suffering a bit defensively, I have to strengthen myself, but I’m working on it”

Difference away and home: «We work the matches in the same way, at home and away, we always go with the idea of ​​winning. We are not having that fortune of being able to achieve victories, but I think that the work we are doing is not receiving as much reward as I think we deserve. The games are a world, not in all of them we will go out and we will get 2-0 in the fifth minute. The Raise UD a lot was being played too, we knew how to read the game, in the second half we had the opportunity to hit the post Tony Vilhenathat if he entered it would have been something else. Then, unfortunately, they marked us and from then on it was a match that could have gone one way or the other. We left with a bittersweet taste for not having been able to win.

Match against RCD Mallorca: “We want to be one more game, adding the three points would bring us closer to the first goal.”

physical moment: “I had that little break that cut the trajectory I was having, it was difficult for me to pick up the pace, but now I feel quite well physically, restoring the coach’s confidence and taking advantage of the opportunity”.

John Garcia: “With Joan I have a very good relationship, we are to death with him, I think he is a great goalkeeper. We all fail, we are all convinced that Joan every time he comes out he can contribute a lot to us”.

Final match for permanence: “The game is important because it’s three points, we go week after week working to be as high as possible, logically the first thing is salvation, we would hit the table since then the break comes and we could rest a bit”.

Rematch against RCD Mallorca: «No, but we do have a thorn. In the league there were people supporting us, in the Cup we couldn’t return a victory to them either. When people move you want to return the move with a win, in the locker room we see it as just another game, but an important one”.

Diego Lopez: «I see it well. He had a little problem in the match against Raise UDbut we count on him for the duel against the RCD Majorca«