Escalante and his unexpected substitution, sell or keep?

Source: Deportivo Alaves

New disappointment that took the Alaves of your visit to royal sand. Another match in which the babazorros did not manage to see a goal, but neither did the goal of keeping their goal to zero. What’s more, beggar opted for a surprising starting team where climbingkey player for Zaldibarwas a substitute.

The Argentine came to be a key piece in the Gasteiz scheme. Was it a sporadic substitution? Or could it be a change in trend? We then analyze it for communion, biwenger, L.F.M., mister and Futmondo.

Mendilibar does not hit the key

Escalante arrived in the first week of the winter market in January with the great bonus of meeting the coach again with whom he offered his best level in the Eibar. Since his debut in J20, where he came off the bench, the Argentine had been a fixture in the eleven. However, to everyone’s surprise, Mendilibar opted for a trivote made up of Thomas Pine, Peter Pons and Tony Moyaleaving Gonzalo on the bench.

The designed plan did not go too well and both he and Loum had to come to the rescue of a team that was once again in the position of lifting a goal against. The entrance of both gave more mordant and more physical to the team, but it was not enough to tie the match. The course of Glorious and Mendilibar’s lineups indicate that the coach does not find a well-defined eleven.

The midfield puzzle

It does not seem that there is any fixed player in the center of the field. Since the loss to the Betis 4-0, Mendilibar opted for a change of system, introducing a defensive trivote. To date, the most used were Escalante, Tomás Pina and Loum. However, in the last two games (due to various casualties) Toni Moya has been important again, being the midfielder who brings a little more possession to the team. In addition, Pere Pons has also enjoyed two titles in a row.

It is clear that the puzzle does not end up fitting and the pieces change depending on the rival or the footballer’s moment of form. Escalante will continue to be a cornerstone and, most likely, is that he will regain his place as a starter. While is true that beggar he’s proving he can’t marry anyone and it’s hard to predict his moves with the lineups.

Do we sell or keep?

Pere Pons struggles with Bartra
Source: Deportivo Alaves

So far, Escalante’s fantasy performance has not been entirely as expected. In eight games he has accumulated two substitutions and six starts, has scored a goal and, for the moment, has not distributed any assistance. In the system of AS Journal He has 30 points, having achieved the two spades three times and only one negative. Your performance couch score is not very remarkable, reaching 34 points and in the system of JP It’s at 35 points.

Its market value is a little over a million euros, so if we speak in fantasy termswas having a pretty functional patch level. His substitution, initially, should not raise the option of selling him. Your sell no two would give one great financial compensation and, despite not being a starter, it is difficult for him to stay without playing a single minute in a game. Therefore, the recommendation is to put up with Escalante and wait to find out what role he will have in this weekend’s game against the grenade.