González Calvo: “Nobody likes to play at those hours but Córdoba CF must abide by it”

The CEO, Javier Gonzalez Calvomade an exhaustive analysis of the current situation of the Cordoba CF. The Extremaduran, from the established schedule against the UD Tamara Oilgoing through the next season planning and ending with some judicial issuesoffered his impression of everything that surrounds the entity under the desire to achieve promotion “as soon as possible”.

The mess of the match against Tamaraceite

The president, in statements to The Play of Cordobahe referred in the first place to the clash that will confront them, the next Wednesday, March 23 at noonto the canaries. “Nobody likes to play at those hours because our people cannot come when we need them most and especially now that we are playing for promotion to the First RFEFbut you have to abide by it», he reviewed. The leadership tried to make the Federation see that “we had to spend nights in Las Palmas and also in La Palma” and even that they were sent “flights of all kinds” to consider alternatives. However the Single Competition Judge decided that strip because Tamaraceite stated that “It doesn’t have professional players and they have to work.”

Another option on the table was to play the Holy Thursday in the morning. “We saw it less opportune. It is a holiday period, with many people traveling or celebrating the Holy Week. Here we believe that from the football point of view it was the least interestingsince playing after going to Cáceres, our main rival, it spoils the competition a lot», he stressed. For the islanders, for their part, it would have been “beneficial to do it as late as possible because they think that we could have achieved the objectives” and he did not consider that they were to blame. “They have to defend what they think is best for their interests and the judge decides,” he said.

That day, therefore, there will be fans who cannot attend The Archangel. «I understand the angerthere is a tremendous illusion and we already saw it with almost two thousand people in Antequera. The organizer of the competition is the Federation and sometimes you have to abide by what they impose on you“, lament. Córdoba CF reacted quickly with a promotion of tickets for students, retirees, unemployed and other social organizations. “Until a moment ago there was more than 1,700 requestsWith 9,000 subscribers we have, in the end there are 13,000 free seats that we will make available to the people of Córdoba».

They have been working on this issue «four or five days because we had the feeling that it would be played that Wednesday»and thanked the Córdoba City Council for its help on this issue. Without serving to subtract study hours, González Calvo acknowledged that «If those two hours the students can come to see the team from their city, it can be a nice action for everyone».

Promotion options in a long season

What he did not want to fix is ​​an instant to consummate the category promotion. «You have to be moderate in this case. It is a privileged situation and after Sunday’s game in Antequera, less and less to go and hopefully it will be in our house». Such a game that, during his stay, “we usually lost it”, he finally won at the last minute, which gives “even a little more than normal if we didn’t have much”, he stipulated. Vital will be to win these next two games in the riverside fiefdom against CD San ​​Roque de Lepe and Tamaraceite. «If we win these six points we have a lot of that, then a good result against Montijo and Cacereño almost gives us promotion», he warned.

Because the locker room, in general terms, is being “very long” season. The competition of the people of Extremadura means that you cannot let your guard down at any time. «It is getting longer because it is making it difficult for us, the normal thing is that we were in a position to be able to ascend», he admitted. Participation in the RFEF CupWith “complicated, heavy fields and many games in a row” it led to “a bit of a physical downturn”. However, nothing can be blamed on the group. «They have won all the matches, except one in the offices, since December 22, 2021 before the MessengerWe cannot ask for much more, only the promotion that occurs as soon as possible ».

As for what happened that afternoon on the island of La Palma, with the yellow key to Javi Flores for the later misalignment with the UD San ​​FernandoGonzález Calvo determined that it was “an accumulation of nonsense.” The captain commented to several members of the expedition “that they showed him a card” and now they have been put to «more people who have to see the announcements made by the Federation and we have it more under control, than it was before too». His only wish is that “doesn’t happen again”declared.

Planning for the next course, underway

The future of the team placed on the First RFEF threw up some relevant questions regarding renewals and signings. “Work is being done on it, in some cases there are proposals made for a long time, especially in those who have a valid contract for next year. What I tell the sports management is that Córdoba, in the division in which it is, he is a morlaco and whoever wants to be with us has to be delighted to do sowithout playing with tugs of war, “he mentioned.

When asked if in those cases they were Carlos Puga or Antonio Casasthe CEO declined to name names. «I mean the ones you all know, there aren’t many. They have a deadline and in some cases they have expiredI’m not telling you it’s one or the other,” he said. Other assumptions, meanwhile, will be fulfilled “in the coming weeks” simply “due to the inertia of fulfilling the stipulated matches”. He even commented that he himself was looking forward to “they telling me that next year I’ll continue,” she joked. «We want to renew, we are happy, but neither will we be available to what a player says or to the contrary, very good footballers want to come to this club »pointed out.

It will be necessary to analyze if Miguel of the Caves will or will not be in that project. «He is one more Cordobesista, I do not have to decide it, it is like that. He is a very loved person by all, I wish I could continue but this is football and those who know will decide »he stressed.

In principle, the plan includes five or six reinforcements for next summer. «We start from a very good baseto put the whole team back together, and we’re working on growing what we have. That is why we are renewing a lot of people and we will be contributing what the sports management considers to them. One of the names is the one on the left side Calderonfor which there is blanquiverde interest. «He is neither tied nor has a proposal. In the First RFEF they have to play, at least, six sub-23 and he is a player who can stand out for his team», he explained.

Legal matters, the order of the day

González Calvo, in his extensive radio address, also spoke about judicial issues, such as the Productive Unit cordobesista. «In that sense I am very calm, there is a firm sentence and I would do it too and I would look for all the laps to defend my clients. We’ll go to the view and that’s it», he established. At payment to Beiman He said that “we complied” after “the collection rights of all kinds of the club were seized and the owner, immediately, deposited the money in court.” And of the processing for the concession of the use of the stadium follow «waiting for the City Council to call us», something that could happen in a few months as indicated by the consistory.