Jürgen Klopp continues to melt with Díaz; new praise for the Colombian

A dream 2022 has passed Luis Díaz since his arrival at Liverpool from England, the Colombian who has already scored two goals this season with the Reds He has received all kinds of praise from his teammates, coaching staff, and even former English players, who have been the most surprised by his high level.

However, this great moment is not only due to his great performances on the field, his coach, Jürgen Klopp, knows how committed the peasant has been since his arrival at the Liverpool awnings, that is why he has showered him with praise every week and has been relieved by his arrival.

Luis Díaz comes from scoring last weekend against Brighton. – Photo: AP/Kirsty Wigglesworth

“He is an integral part of the team. It’s good. It’s okay to talk about him, he’s been here a few weeks.”the German said at the start. In that order of ideas, the Teutonic assured that Diaz’s start has been “incredibly good, due to his age, due to the stage of his career. He can still improve a lot. It’s great how he has settled in as a kid and as a player.”

Klopp concluded that the signing of Díaz “was the right one” for the model they wanted this season, since the Colombian has adapted in the best way to the Reds’ idea of ​​play, who are second in the Premier League.

Praises of English Legends

That courage to stick his head in without measuring the consequences, was another of the points that stood out to Díaz after the game in which he came out as a figure. “I love people who are prepared to go through risk or pain. If in the end you go for a goal, you put your head in so it hurts and that’s what he did “applauded Michael Owen, the legendary England striker who came through the Liverpool academy.

Owen called the Colombian’s bravery that of a “lion”, adding that he is “absolutely delighted” with the sacrifice he shows match after match. “He anticipates. If he waits a bit then the goalie would probably block him. He just looks like a Liverpool player, one of those who go running. He identifies with this red shirt, ”he pointed out in Premier League Productions.

The English striker, who has also played for Real Madrid and Manchester United, joins the long list of characters who have praised the peasant since his landing on Merseyside. “Anywhere else on the field and any other player who does that gets sent off.

Peter Crouch, a World Cup attacker with England, criticized the performance of the VAR in the face of a possible expulsion of the Brighton goalkeeper, which in the end they decided to ignore. “If you ever want to see foul play, this is it. Diaz could have been seriously injured, ”he launched.

Fortunately, the Colombian came out of that action unharmed and will be able to be in this Wednesday’s match against Arsenal, a duel that, if won, would leave them just one point behind Manchester City, which ‘punctured’ with a draw against the Crystal Palace.

“Luis is an integral part of the team. It’s okay to talk about him, he’s been here a few weeks. It was an incredibly good start. Due to his age, career stage, he can improve a lot. It’s amazing how he’s been able to settle down, I think we’re looking for the right guy”, Klopp evaluated in the preview of the match against the Gunners at the Emirates Stadium in London, a duel that will start at 3:15 pm (Colombian time).