LoL: Which champions weren’t played in Champions Queue so far?

An analyst from the North American MOBA scene collected data and concluded that professional gamers have not played 13 characters so far.

Champions Queue continues its course with a good ecosystem for American players dedicated to the field of esports and far from the already questioned SoloQ. However, there are LoL champions who were left in sight and reflected a sign that they remain forgotten in what is the current competitive.

According to Michael “Quanta” Matthews, Analyst at Wildcard GamingThere are only 13 undrafted champions after 3,034 games through the first two splits. It should be clarified that part of the information and conclusion was achieved by collecting the data shared by the ChampionsQ and Oracle’s Elixir sites.

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“There were 13 champions that were not picked in the Champions Queue (out of 3,034 games).
Anivia, Aurelion Sol, Brand, Heimerdinger, Katarina, Master Yi, Quinn, Shaco, Swain, Vel’Koz, Vi, and Yorick.
Teemo has been chosen once by Lourlo.”

What all the champions agree on is that, given the constant selections that are currently being presented in the field of competitive or esports, they are not viable in LoL. In fact some of them like Anivia, Vel’Koz, Yorick have already had opportunities so far in season 12.

On the other hand, certain champions have also been seen to deviate from their traditional role. Samson “Lourlo” Jackson, the former Dignitas top laner who popularized Janna’s strategy with Punish back in the day, played again with rare options. For example, he brought faces like Fizz, Illaoi or Soraka to his favorite line.

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While those 13 champions haven’t played within the Champions Queue, they haven’t been able to venture into LoL Season 12 either. Brand, Katarina, Quinn and Swain are the only ones who have never played each other on the esports stage so far this year. Even Aurelion Sol and the recently injured Master Yi were only chosen once.