Maguire, pointed out, points to the causes of the elimination of Manchester United

The elimination of manchester united from Champions League It has generated an earthquake in England. It’s already five years without titles for the most successful team on the islands, which is going through a bad time despite the multimillion-dollar investments of recent seasons.

And right now there is a player at the apex of the hurricane. the captain of the Manchester United Harry Maguire. However, he preferred to blame elsewhere. The English international blamed the players of the Atletico Madrid tafter his team’s defeat in the round of 16 of the Champions League on Tuesday. He criticized the mattress players for falling too easily and wasting time during the game in old trafford.

“The style in Europe… it’s not for me to comment on it, but every time you touch someone, it’s a foul,” he said. Maguire to be in sports when asked about the tactics of the Atletico Madrid. “antonio elanga he has a header from the beginning, touches the goalkeeper John Oblak and he misses him for that … ”, he continued.

“It’s a different style, but maybe we need to learn and grow from it. We get too frustrated and start to lose our form and momentum. It’s something we have to learn from”, lamented a Maguire who also blamed the referee: “The decisions he made didn’t go well tonight, but we had enough time to get back into the game and get the draw and we didn’t do it”.


The words of the captain Manchester they have not prevented some from pointing directly at him. It has been especially hard Jaime Carragherlegend of Liverpool and now commentator. According to the former player, if Maguire continues like this, he will be out of the manchester united not long after.

“The captain of the manchester united which cost £80m dropped out of the game. Right now he is going through the worst moment of his career. We all have that moment, I can imagine it when I played,” he said. Carragher to CBS Sports.

“This is something to harry maguire is going on right now and what he has to get out of very quickly, otherwise he won’t be in the club because the standards in the manchester united They are very tall,” he warned.

“Of course, he wants out of this situation, but his head will be all over the place, he is receiving criticism from left, right and center. He will be criticized again, I think the crowd cheered when he left. Which is not good for anyone, ”he finished by saying.

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