Martial: “I feel very happy at Sevilla”

The French striker has reviewed his first weeks in the city of Seville and what his departure from Manchester was like

antonio martial He returns to England just a month and a half after leaving Manchester and will do so to play the second leg of the Europa League round of 16 against western ham. The French striker, on loan until the end of the season, has reviewed how he lived the weeks prior to his signing for Sevilla in an interview with The Guardian. “When Ragnick arrived I told him I wanted to leave.. We talked and he told me that if I wanted to continue if I trained like this I was going to play but my goal was to leave, have a new environment and a new club. I had many options but I spoke with the coach (Lopetegui) and with Monchi and I knew that Sevilla was the best possibility to play and to enjoy football again because I’ve lost some of that in Manchester”, acknowledged the French footballer.

because that’s the martial’s goal in these months, enjoy football: “I wasn’t playing and I knew that if I went to Sevilla I would have the opportunity to play and enjoy again. I feel very happy at Sevilla. The city is very good and we have a good team, so It’s perfect for me. I’m playing and I’m happy. Lopetegui is a good coach, he lives the game and transmits his energy to you”.

On European League and his trip to London to face West Ham, Martial commented: “I know it’s a very important competition here, they’ve won six trophies in 15 years. We have to do what we can to do it again, because the final is also in the Sánchez-Pizjuán”.

Good performances against West Ham

Martial has faced West Ham nine times throughout his career with a balance of five wins, two draws and two losses, in which he has scored three goals. “The western ham I’ve always been good at it, although I didn’t know the exact number of goals, I don’t care what people say about me, really. I just want to score there for Sevilla to win and go through to the next round”, admitted the Frenchman, who curiously played his last game with United against West Ham before closing his move to Sevilla F.C.. On January 22, after almost two months without playing a single minute, he played the last 8 in a 1-0 win at old trafford before those of David Moyes.

However, Martial he knows it won’t be an easy game: “I know Zouma and Areola from the French team. They have a good team and their fans will put a lot of pressure on them but we have to do our job and come back here with the qualification”.

When he arrived at the Nervionense locker room he knew Koundé: “He is a very good boy, young and with many qualities, very professional. He is already a great centre-back and can become one of the best. He speaks my language and is helping me, because my Spanish is bad and I have little time to learn it “.

The differences between the Premier and LaLiga: “The referees are different. In England they leave more contact, in Spain with small contacts they whistle for a foul but they are human and they make mistakes in both places. Regarding the way of playing, in Spain all the teams want to have possession, play with the ball, it’s more technical football. In England it’s faster and more physical, but I like both championships”.

What Lopetegui asks of him in each training session: “He wants me to play as I know how, but he also wants me to adapt to the team and put a lot of intensity into it. Sevilla is an intense team in terms of pressure, also without the ball. Julen is a good coach, you notice it in how he lives the games from the sideline It gives us players a lot of energy.”

On the rumors that Ronaldo is not doing well in Manchester: “Cristiano is a top professional, one of the best in history. We all love him, there are things that are said in the media that are not true. I was in that dressing room and I know what happens”.

The world Cup: “Playing in the World Cup is a goal for me. If I do well I can be in the World Cup.”