Pellegrini, about the game plan against Eintracht, the emotional and physical state of the squad, the sanction against Fekir…

The highest technical manager of Real Betis, Manuel Pellegriniattended on Wednesday afternoon to the media displaced to frankfurt just before the official training (which started at 7:00 p.m.) at the meeting venue, scheduled for this Thursday at 9:00 p.m. at Deutsche Bank Park. The Chilean analyzed different current issues, both from the match itself against the Eintracht as of the psychic effect of the triumph against the Athleticthat broke a streak of five official matches without winning, as well as the sanction of two games to nabil fekir.

“The squad is very good, not only because of the win against an important team, but because they were never down. We are alive in the three competitions and we always lift our spirits. At least, yes, the result leaves us strengthened in LaLiga to fight with very strong institutions to enter the Champions League. I think the team has always been strong emotionally. We are the only one that still plays in three competitions, but of course, if we finish on Friday at two in the morning and then we have to play with Atlético or Sevilla, we can lose. It was important to win so as not to move away from the Champions League. In the first leg it was a strange game, which put us behind, and against Eintracht it is very dangerous”

“If they are on the list, it is because they are in a position to play. Bellerín arrives just right and Sergio has been struggling for a couple of weeks with a bruised toe”

“The team is aware that it has to come back from a result, something that happened many times this season during a match. Here we have a full match to do it. For both of them it is important to score first: if they score, they already have two goals, but neither It would have to be something desperate, because markers like that are turned around all the time. We have to score early to equalize, while being very focused defensively against a good opponent.”

“I expect a game similar to the one in our field. They are two offensive teams that are going to look for a goal before taking refuge in a marker. I don’t think they are going to change their game dynamics. We knew which team it was, but then the imponderables arrive during the matches. We will go out as always, to try to take the initiative, changing minimal things. Hopefully we can score the first goal, because that reassures and makes the rival nervous. But everything can change in two minutes, so we would have to work hard to stay alive in the UEL. It made me happy that we physically responded in these last games, despite going against the scoreboard or with one less, which gives us a mental and emotional strength that is reflected in the work on the pitch”

“When you lose, you can always do something else. In the first half, a very lucky goal that wasn’t even a shot on goal and an important mistake of ours put them ahead. In the rest, Bravo didn’t have any significant interventions. Then We had an arrival from Canales in the first minute, a goal from Nabil and two at the end that were very clear. In the second, they had many opportunities, Bravo was very good and they left us alive. The result was good for us. If we didn’t manage to give him the turn, they will be justly deserving of going to the quarterfinals”

“I think that the statistics are a mere reference. Each game is different and changes due to the performance of each team and the players themselves. Regardless of what happened in the first leg, we have to recover defensive security, as we have shown these 14 months It is a good rival, with great players too, and one will be eliminated.”

“They cannot be trained, because it is done on a training pitch or in an empty state. Then they affect the pressure, the stands… We always work on different set pieces, anyway. We are going to be optimistic and, in the case of reaching penalties, we have Rui Silva to stop them (laughs)”

“We’ll see the starting eleven before the game. One of the great merits of being so well in the three competitions is this rotation, based on individual performance, which allows us coaches to do them, because we know that the performances are going to be similar The penalties tomorrow are the third part. We have to try to win, if not, match it and play extra time. We are going to play our football, not speculate, and be very focused defensively against a very offensive opponent.”

“More than talking about the goalkeepers, I prefer the performance of the squad, very high. The goal is different, with Claudio Bravo, a player with a great career, but at 39 years old, so we tried to stop him before and after going with the national teams. For that, we have to have another goalkeeper of the level of Rui Silva, who has done very well all year”

“It seems to me an expected sanction. Surely it was going to be more than one game, because he had already had a sanction before. It didn’t do much damage to the opponent, who was able to continue playing. Besides, it was a mistake, and Nabil knows it, although caused by Muniain. I think it’s a fair sanction. We’ve played without Nabil in other games; the important thing is that the one who replaces him is at his level. We have a long squad to face the three competitions. We’ll see how we replace an important player for us.”