Promises, meetings and daily evaluations: the tug of war between the Red and Blackburn Rovers for Brereton

Ben Brereton is in the middle of a dispute. His name, unwittingly, or even imagining it, became the subject of intense conversations between the Chilean team and Blackburn Rovers, the club that today owns his letter. The latter is fighting for promotion to the Premier League, with the English-born Chilean striker as one of its main figures.

On February 14, a dispute that has lasted almost 31 days was ignited. Brereton suffered a sprained ankle that forced him to leave the field of play when his side drew goalless at West Bromwich Albion. From then on the ordeal began that forced the player to undergo a series of treatments thinking of his speedy recovery.

The injury not only hit his squad. From the Chilean team they immediately contacted the footballer. The doctors offered him all kinds of advice, beyond the fact that the striker added expert ankle doctors to his daily recovery routine, including one of Chilean nationality. It was decided that he would travel to Dubai for further treatment. The reason? The low temperatures in London would not help the process that the son of a Chilean mother was facing.

The truth is that the following days a media dispute began to which the National Team prefers to lower its profile. The club manager, Tony Mowbray, slipped in his first conferences that the responsibility fell on the effort made by the striker when he defended the Red in the duels against Argentina (Calama) and Bolivia (La Paz). “He had a very difficult schedule and he seemed a bit fatigued before he left, then he played two games at 10,000 (La Paz is 3,600) meters high”, he commented. Yesterday, Pablo Milad, the president of the ANFP, replied: “The analysis that the match in height affected him due to the effort is very subjective and is not very verifiable from the scientific point of view. But each coach has his position and we respect it, “he said.

Ben Brereton suffered an injury during the match between West Bromwich Albion and Blackburn. (Image: Rovers)

The Brereton coach has continued to send messages, almost interspersed by three days apart. ”They wanted him to arrive a few days earlier to observe him and see how far along he is, but he will be here for a few more days instead of going to Chile, and if he is not ready by 21, I am sure that he himself will report that he does not feel capable of playing”, he said yesterday. “The worst case scenario is that he is not fully fit, he goes and gets injured again. It is something that we cannot allow to happen”, added Mowbray.

The conversation between the Red and Blackburn has been fluid. Last week, even, Cagigao was present in London. He met with Brereton, with whom he talks daily to find out how the disease is progressing. He also scheduled an appointment with the owner of the English club to avoid any kind of controversy over the attacker’s nomination. At the meeting, the Quilín official made it clear that they will not risk the player’s physique for any reason, but that they will adhere to FIFA regulations that require institutions to loan their players. The FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players support the Team for All. The idea that he join this Friday, however, was rejected. It will only do it on Sunday. In the European club they do not rule out sending a doctor with Brereton to La Roja to prevent the player from playing with discomfort.

This Monday, however, an alert arrived that made both parties uncomfortable. The evolution that Ben had had suffered a small setback. On his first day of driving and changing direction with the ball he felt pain. And he had to give up the practice. For this reason, at the moment in which the Red officialized the citation of Brereton Díaz, Blackburn left a question mark. “Ben Brereton has been nominated for the Red for his upcoming World Cup Qualifying matches. A final decision has not yet been made regarding the fitness and possible involvement of him,” the British pointed out.

The idea of ​​the National Team is that Brereton try until the last day to reach the duel against Brazil. He will be required, but under no circumstances will he be exposed to a greater injury, they say when asked by Sporting. In some way, the process that has already been carried out with Charles Aránguiz and Erick Pulgar will be carried out, who have traveled to La Roja physically resentful and who, according to their evolution in Juan Pinto Durán, were taken into account. “It all depends on how Ben handles the pain. He will have the last word”, they insist in the Red bunker.

In the National Team they have fought to add Brereton to the double elimination date. They assume his importance within a team that already values ​​him as one of those in charge of taking the flag of regeneration. And the striker himself has been in charge of clarifying to those close to him that his idea is to use extreme resources to be able to reach the key duels for the aspiration of reaching Qatar. His commitment to the Red is foolproof.

Arturo Vidal even confessed the talks he has had with the young attacker to give him advice on the recovery process. “He is doing everything possible to be there, I recently gave him some advice. I told him some things about what I have done to be able to be in the important games. Everything goes in the head, wanting to be there, defending a country”.

Vidal and Brereton celebrate after the forward’s goal against Paraguay.

The irruption of Ben Brereton has been fundamental in the rise that La Roja had. The gunner has played six games in the current Qualifiers, with four wins for Chile and two losses. Without him, the Everyone’s Team has played 11 games and could only win one.

In the six matches he played, he contributed three goals. One every two duels. That indisputable contribution, Vidal is clear about it. “He is a goalscorer, an English striker, at first he converts. He does things that others don’t. He helps a lot in marking, he covers spaces, sometimes he helps as a left back. He is always ready to pounce and look for a ball to score. It is connected without speaking the same language”, were the praises of the steering wheel.