PS Opinion | no one understands

VALENCIA. I do not get it. But I think not me, nor anyone. As much as I look at the table provided by La Liga, I do not understand anything of what they intend to do or explain with the Cost limit per sports squad. They fill their mouths with Financial Fair Play, economic control and the cost limit for staff spending.

On Monday, the current figures of what each team can spend on salaries with respect to the financial control exercised by the league institution over the Santander League and Smartbank League teams were made official. In this way, according to the portal of Transparency of La Liga, it is explained that “The squad cost limit is the maximum amount that each club/SAD can consume during the 2021/2022 season after the summer market, and which includes spending on players, head coach, assistant coach and physical trainer for the first team ( registrable staff according to Article 38 of the Budget Preparation Regulations). This limit also includes spending on subsidiaries, academy and other sections (non-registrable staff, as defined in Article 38 of the Budget Preparation Regulations)”.

In this way, the concepts that are included in the cost limit of the registrable and non-registrable sports squad are: fixed and variable salaries, social security, collective bonuses, acquisition expenses (including commissions for agents) and amortizations (purchase amount of the players charged annually based on the number of years of the player’s contract).

Valencia CF gave away and removed almost all the footballers who represented a high cost with the aim of entering the stable margins of the FPF and, consequently, the LCPD understanding that this was to seek the viability of the club above the sporting and, thus, avoid sanctions or a possible bankruptcy of the same club. Making endless sales, not signing a whole season and living on loan, VCF has only managed to go from 30.9 million euros to 57.7 million euros. Something that says a lot about how they understand this club at Meriton, that is, as a company where standing out above feeling or sports. I am not going to debate whether to set fire to Mestalla or whether to take out the bus with the figures, but rather about the gap of some clubs that, in a worse situation than Valencia CF, have free rein to do what they want.

And it is that, from that table, what most strikes me is the clear difference in level that FC Barcelona has, which goes from 97.9 to -144.3 million euros. A scandalous figure that only hints that this is not only worth nothing but, in addition, there is a clear permissiveness with according to whom.

Why is FC Barcelona allowed a figure of -144 million and is allowed to continue signing and competing normally? Why do other teams have to adjust to the maximum and are they conditioned by the market if they don’t balance their accounts?
What else has to happen or get worse for serious action to be taken? Questions that have no answer.

And they don’t have it because the day before yesterday the Corporate General Director, Javier Gómez, went out to fight publicly and tangled up the skein even more. Who was financial director, general director, executive vice president and president of the VCF -for a day-; In addition to being the architect of the non-existent and famous viability plan or the controversial capital increase of 2009, he did not shed any light on the matter and justified those numbers: “It does not mean anything regarding the hiring of this season. It means that it will be more time under article 100 and, therefore, you will be more limited during the following seasons, unless there are capital gains and benefits”.

In other words, they are going to live under the 1×4 rule (to register players they cannot exceed 25% of the cost reduction of the reflected squad), they are going to be able to continue signing up and getting into debt while waiting for there to be a real estate hit or of sponsorships, win titles or sell soccer players generating income.

“The clubs that are exceeded can hire players as long as they save expenses from the income statement for the current season. Barcelona has been able to sign for the savings with cases like Agüero, Umtiti or Coutinho. With that supply of savings it has been able to make those contracts Javier Gomez explained. Done the law done the snare.

It is absolutely embarrassing that this is allowed. If there really was a strict financial control, FC Barcelona would have been forced to adapt its figures to something more sustainable with its corresponding sports sanction in case of not applying it in a certain time. Numbers, the summer ones, which were better because they came from cleaning up salary balances with the departures of players like Messi or Griezmann, who released a large salary mass but one thing failed: they were not enough to compete. That’s why they made potagia magic, they messed up the blanket to their heads and brought in Traoré, Aubameyang, Ferran and Dani Alves with financial engineering on the one hand and an ingenious dribble in the renewals of players like Umtiti, on the other. Yesterday there was talk that Kessié had been closed, tomorrow it will be Haaland and the day after any other. Incomprehensible.

And this, far from being a criticism of the culé team or its people -who in the end manage to do what suits them best by pulling financial and sports trickery-, is a reflection on how conditioned the competition model is. The great lie of having a positive balance today and, above all, the permissiveness of the organizations that consent to this. They condition a competition in which FC Barcelona, ​​without the signings, would probably be out of Champions League positions and with infinitely worse numbers. For this, I am deeply disappointed.

It is as if you are up to date with the Treasury -for example- and religiously complying with your payments but you see that your neighbor not only pays nothing, but that he is buying more and more luxury cars and living above his means without anyone say nothing. The fault is not only not your neighbor’s, but also the person who consents to all this, who justifies it by saying: “Now, but they can’t ask for loans from the bank because they are seized.” Of course, and while a friend asks for them, they lend them the dough or the movie is mounted to live like a king while you have a hard time.

For this reason, I believe that there is a clear treatment in favor of clubs today in favor of a more eye-catching or more striking competition abroad; and second because in Valencia CF we are naive, chickens or ignorant.

right now i’m wondering What would happen if Valencia CF, instead of selling even the coat racks, had gotten more indebted and kept the sports block? What would have happened if instead of these people seeing the club as an Excel sheet, they saw it as a feeling? What would have happened if we had an executive capable of negotiating the regulations? Would Valencia CF have been sanctioned? We will never know.