Serie A: Kalulu, the unexpected scorer who has put the ‘lock’ to Milan

mehe stumble of Inter against Torino (1-1) and Milan’s victory over Empoli (1-0) allows the ‘rossoneri’ to depend on themselves nine days from the end to win his first ‘Scudetto’ since 2011.

Milan’s triumph featured an unexpected scorer. Beware of the name because it brings them: Pierre Kazeye Rommel Kalulu Kyatengwa (Lyon, 5-6-2000). The former Olympique Lyon youth squad, right-footed, scored his first goal in this Series A with a left-footed shot from the front of the area that slipped next to the stump of the Vicario post. His signing -it came for 1.2 million euros in 2020- is the umpteenth success of the technical direction headed by Paolo Maldini. “You have to give Maldini credit. The other day he told me: ‘He’s become a serious player. Why should I spend money on someone else?’ revealed the ‘ex-rossonero’ Massimo Ambrosini to ‘DAZN’.

Maldini told me a few days ago: ‘Kalulu has become a serious player. Why would I have to spend money on another?

Massimo Ambrosini

Kalulu has gone from ‘everything guy’ to lead actor. Last season I barely played 1,106′ in all competitions. It was the third option on the right sideafter Calabria and Dalot, and in the back line he had Kjaer, Romagnoli, Tomori and even Gabbia ahead of him.

He has ‘dried’ Lautaro, Osimhen, Immobile…

Now, with Kjaer and Romagnoli’s injuries, he has become stronger with Tomori… and it seems difficult for anyone to move him. Milan, in the last four games with Kalulu, has kept a clean sheet against Empoli (1-0) and Npoles (0-1) in Serie A and against Inter (0-0) in the first leg of the ‘Coppa’ semis. It is talisman. In February he already played as a starter in the league victory over Inter (1-2) and in the win against Lazio (4-0) in the ‘KO tournament’.Osimhen, Dybala, Lautaro Martnez, Immobile, Dzeko and Morata have been ‘snacked’.

“I don’t know what would have happened to me in Lyon. At Milan I’m happy and I feel like a starter, I’ve been playing from the start in recent weeks. and I only think about being ready and helping the team,” he acknowledges. “With Tomori we make a good couple. We talk a lot, we give our best and we complement each other well,” he says.

I feel like a starter, I’ve been playing from the beginning in recent weeks and I only think about helping the team

pierre kalulu

A goal ‘a la Ibra’

His goal against Empoli sealed his good moment and his great match against Aurelio Andreazzoli’s pupils. He was the player who recovered the most balls (13), the second who made the most successful tackles (5/6), won six of the eight duels in which he was involved and completed 92.31% of the passes he attempted (48 /71). As if that were not enough, he dressed as Giroud or Ibrahimovic. “It was a forward goal. I felt the ball bounce in front of me, luckily I scored.”

It was a forward goal. I felt the ball bounce in front of me, luckily I scored

pierre kalulu

“A modern defender” with two footballer brothers

Kalulu is by no means the most virtuous player to have emerged from Lyon’s prolific youth academy. With the ball he is not a prodigy, but he does not complicate himself in the least. He doesn’t have a great plant either -he’s 1.79 meters tall-, but he does have a very athletic physique that makes him a safe value in the cuts.

“He has grown a lot in a year. He needs to improve with the ball, but he is fast and attentive. What a good center-back needs,” Alessandro Costacurta told ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’. “I learned how to be a modern defender when I was a kid. When our coach and the whole club were at Lyon they focused on being a complete player, technically, with speed, with the ball, with vision and with gamerecognizes Kalulu, who has two other soccer brothers. Aldo Kalulu, 26, plays as a winger for Sochaux and Gdon Kalulu, 24, plays as a defender for Ajaccio.

It has grown a lot in a year. He needs to improve with the ball, but he is quick and attentive. What a good centre-back needs

Alexander Costacurta

International with France… African roots

The new milanista ‘jewel’ He does not know what it is to be an absolute international with France. It has competition. Yes, he has gone through all the lower categories from the sub 18 to the Olympic.

‘Les blues’ should pay attention because Kalulu has African roots. From Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. What’s more, his brother Gdeon is already a full international with RD Congo. Aldo, on the other hand, was an under 18 international with France and has never represented another team.