Sevilla FC: David Moyes rules out Bowen and leaves the participation of Antonio and Cresswell up in the air

David Moyes, West Ham managerhas not hesitated to rule out the participation of the star bowen in the second leg of the Europa League against Sevilla: “Jarrod Bowen is not available. It probably won’t be available until after the international break.” Likewise, he has left the contest for Anthony Y Cresswell: “I couldn’t tell you exactly how fit they are. They’ve done some light training. We’re trying to find out if they’re fit. They didn’t train with the team today, but they did a little with the physical trainers. We will wait for them and evaluate tomorrow.”

“If he’s not in top shape (because of Antonio), I won’t risk it. In general, if a player isn’t ready to play, I wouldn’t use them. I prefer to use someone who is more fit. Mich is really important for different reasons. We needed the quality of Yarmolenko to get the goal the other day. He showed us the quality he can have in a moment. If we don’t have Mich, we have other options.Moyes added, alluding to YarmolenkoAuthor of the winning goal against Aston Villa. “When you have a moment like that (ukrainian war), sometimes it takes a bit to get back from it, you get high, it’s not easy. It was a very important moment for him.. He is fit and available at the moment and no doubt be needed in tomorrow’s match“.

Atmosphere at London Stadium

“We have to make sure we don’t let Sevilla kill that atmosphereso we have to do a very good job in the field. I have no doubt that fans of the western ham they will be there in numbers and good voice. It is better that the fans get used to it because we are going to have a lot more games of this type. I hope there will be more to this tournament and I want us to be challenging near the top of the league. We will have to play with a lot of maturitybut I hope the fans are right with us, which I’m sure they will be.”

What match are you waiting for?

“We are understanding how to play the second game, which is new for us, but we have done everything possible. I hope more that we will show a mature performance throughout the game and we are able to adapt to situations. We have to make sure we get a result at home in 90 minutes, that’s the first thing I’m focused on.”

The mirror to beat Sevilla

“We are here to win. We want to win. It can be a great experience, we will always remember her, but what will make us remember her even more is winning. We have to play with that level of experience, which I hope we can do. we have beaten Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham at homeso if we can beat those teams, we can give most of the teams a game. Hopefully we can come out winners again at the end.”

The level of Seville

“If you are second in the league, you have to be a team. Sevilla is a team with experience in winning this trophy. We want to challenge the best and I think Sevilla are among the best at the moment.”

Sevilla’s injuries

“I think that Ocampos is suspended. We have injuries and they have injuries. Does it make them stronger or weaker? They have a couple back from the suspension and the injury (Acua). I think that Rakitic he is a very good player and Delaney he is also an excellent player. Those two players have a lot of experience in a game where they will probably need a lot of experience to get over the line.”