The Atlético Nacional player who will go to European football


Atlético Nacional is getting ready to play again in the BetPlay I-2022 League after the victory over Independiente Medellín in the Antioquia classic. After 10 days of inactivity in the FPC due to the legislative elections on Sunday, the 11th date will take place between this Wednesday and Sunday.

As for the purslane team, their next duel will be this Thursday against Jaguares de Córdoba at the Atanasio Girardot. Although the Antioquia club is currently thinking about the Apertura Tournament, while the directors analyze the future of the bank, but there are other issues that they also pay a lot of attention to, such as the export of players.

In the last hours it was known that a youth from Nacional will leave the minor divisions to try his luck in international football. This is Juan Pablo Torres, who at 17 years of age will have his first experience abroad thanks to the opportunity offered by Midtjylland of Denmark.

According to information from the journalist Felipe Sierra, who revealed on his official Twitter account, the creation midfielder will have a “youth footballer contract” with the team that is currently third in the first division of Denmark.

For several years, Torres stood out in the Atlético Nacional youth teams, so much so that he wore the number 10 shirt on his back. Despite his great performance, he never received the opportunity to move up to the purslane first team, a situation that led him to make the decision to try his luck in another country.

Something that is striking is that he did not have the opportunity to join the first team when the coach was Alejandro Restrepowho knew his qualities very well because he directed him in the minor divisions of the purslane institution.

Now, Juan Pablo Torres will be on trial for a month at Midtjylland to define his sporting future, which could be in international football.

New technician?

Atlético Nacional, which although it is in third place in the table, fails to convince completely to his fans after the elimination of the Copa Libertadores. What’s more, the doubts arise from the directives as they are not clear about the future of the purslane bank, which for now is occupied by Hernán Darío Herrera as interim coach.

But as the idea would be to give the team a new look, the club would be thinking of hiring another type of coach. That’s why during the last days Colombian coaches like Alexis García and Hernán Torres have sounded. The latter has gained quite a bit of strength, but currently leads Deportes Tolima in the BetPlay League and will soon do so in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores.

That interest was formed by the journalist Carlos Antonio Vélez, who gave several names in his segment of Big wordsthrough antenna 2. “They mentioned the names of two Colombian technicians who are currently with the team,” he said.

For now, it only remains to wait for a final decision to be made on the future of the bank, while the squad concentrates on finalizing details for Thursday’s match against Jaguares de Córdoba for date 11 of the BetPlay League.

BetPlay League Programming (Date 11)

Wednesday March 16

Sports Tolima vs. Patriots FC

Time: 16:00

Stadium: Manuel Murillo Toro

Transmission: Win/Win+

Atletico Bucaramanga vs. Deportivo Cali

Time: 18:05

Stadium: Alfonso Lopez

Transmission: Win+

Deportivo Pasto vs. Independent Santa Fe

Time: 8:10 p.m.

Stadium: Departmental Liberty

Transmission: Win+

Thursday March 17

Athletic National vs. Jaguares F.C.

Time: 19:45

Stadium: Atanasio Girardot

Transmission: Win+

Friday March 18

Union Magdalena vs. Cortuluá

Time: 17:30

Stadium: Sierra Nevada

Transmission: Win/Win+

Millionaires FC vs. Once Caldas

Time: 20:00

Stadium: El Campin

Transmission: Win+

Saturday March 19

Oil Alliance vs. Golden Eagles

Time: 17:30

Stadium: Daniel Villa Zapata

Transmission: Win/Win+

America of Cali vs. Independent Medellin

Time: 20:00

Pascual Guerrero stadium

Transmission: Win+

Sunday March 20

Envigado FC vs. Equity

Time: 16:05

Stadium: South Sports Center

Transmission: Win/Win+

Deportivo Pereira vs. Junior FC

Time: 18:10

Stadium: Hernan Ramirez Villegas

Transmission: Win+.