The return of Cúcuta Deportivo to professional football is postponed


Cúcuta Deportivo will have to keep waiting. In the assembly in which his return to professionalism was debated, there was no consensus on all the points and it was decided to postpone.

“The DIMAYOR is allowed to inform the public opinion and the different interest groups, that after holding the Extraordinary Assembly of the entity with the associated clubs on March 16, 2022, it was decided to postpone the determination in relation to the situation of Cúcuta Deportivo FC”, communicated the sports entity.

Unofficially it was said that the re-affiliation of the team was a fact but it would not have been possible to specify The category to which it will be designated has not yet been defined, nor from when it will start competing. The subject will be debated in a new assembly since there was no consensus, since Cúcuta demanded the return to first.

“The 35 clubs affiliated with DIMAYOR took this position, due to the absence of a registered administrative body of Cúcuta Deportivo FC before the respective Chamber of Commerce”, justified the entity.

The motilón also demanded that the resources for television be assigned to him in the period of time that he was not affiliated (all of 2021 and the first semester of 2022), a situation that generated division among the leaders of the casts. This topic was not defined

President Eduardo Silva Meluk was accompanied by José Augusto Cadena, the largest shareholder of the sports institution and who has the support of different presidents of the Major Division.

“The new date to study the position of the “rojinegro” team before DIMAYOR will be within a maximum period of 15 days,” the entity reported.

Cúcuta arrived with sports recognition

Interestingly, the Ministry of Sports, in a letter sent to the general management of the Colombian Football Federation (FCF) implied that the red and black team had not expired its sports recognition.

The information was validated by the press office of the Department of Inspection, Surveillance and Control (IVC), in charge of granting the recognition.

Cúcuta was suspended in October 2020, but this sanction was lifted in July 2021 after complying with the payment of labor claims (106 million pesos) that led to the suspension.

To the surprise of the liquidator of the time, Arturo Acosta Villaveces, when the sanction was lifted, the team did not have the recognition in force, since it had expired on March 31, 2021 upon completing the 5 years for which it was granted.

When they sought the renewal, the Sports Minister Guillermo Herrera pointed out that it was necessary for the team to have its affiliation to the Dimayor and the FCF, a situation that left Cúcuta between a rock and a hard place since precisely one of the reasons why was disaffiliated.

But now everything seems to be taking a different course thanks to the declaration of the COVID-19 health emergency.

According to Miguel Gómez, director of Inspection, Surveillance and Control (IVC) at the Ministry of Sport, Cúcuta Deportivo has its recognition in force until May 30, 2022, thanks to the fact that on February 23, 2022 the declaration of the health emergency was extended. until April 30, 2022.

Gómez cites article 8 of decree 491 in which the extension of the validity of permits, authorizations, certificates and licenses is made clear.

“When a permit, authorization, certificate or license expires during the term of validity of the Sanitary Emergency declared by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and whose renewal process cannot be carried out due to the measures adopted to avert it, it will be understood as extended. automatically the permit, authorization, certificate and license up to one month (1) more counted from the overcoming of the Sanitary Emergency “, reads the eighth article.

Based on this, the Ministry of Sport infers that Cúcuta has its recognition valid until one month after the end of the Health Emergency, that is, until April 30, 2022.

Another argument that the Ministry had was that Cúcuta, by means of a decision by the competition judge (Johann Manrique), had his record seized before Dimayor, so he still had his right in the entity.

This new scenario was not clearly explained by the Ministry of Sport during its visit to the city on March 3.

Likewise, Cúcuta must renew its sports recognition, as was said during the Ministry’s visit, and awaits confirmation that the team is affiliated.

“To process the renewal of the sports recognition requested by the legal representative of Cúcuta Deportivo SA (…) it is necessary to have verification by the Colombian Football Federation that the sports club is affiliated,” says the Ministry of Sport.