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Women’s soccer in Mexico: Desireé Monsivais and Rebeca Berna de Rayadas del Monterrey winning the Liga MX Femenil cup on December 2, 2021. (Photo: Azael Rodriguez/Getty Images)

The women’s Liga MX was a project that began in 2017 and five years later, most of the players know that they do not have a guaranteed future, since the average salary is 3,700 pesos per month, while in the men’s professional league it is 750 A thousand pesos.

In that sense, the soccer players have to look for other alternatives, because they have to survive in some way and that in many cases will be thanks to their studies.

More than 50% of soccer players in Mexico have a university degree, with which many can support themselves and complement with the income they obtain from soccer. Or rather the other way around.

The example of that is the top scorer in the league, Desirée Monsivais, Rayadas de Monterrey player, who has a degree in architecture which he got thanks to a scholarship at the University of the Americas in Puebla.

Her talent led her to play in the Champions League with Kazakhstan’s BIIK Kazygurt FC before her arrival in the Mexican league.

Although, the situation has changed radically for her, because now she is a benchmark in women’s soccer, she does not neglect her academic effort and has shown that architecture is still part of her life.

She herself mentioned that she did not want to put “all the eggs in one basket” and for this reason, she began to work as an architect, in addition to being one of the best players in Mexican soccer.

“There is a part where I said ‘I must feel full’, I began to talk about this other facet of Desirée, an architect, the one who has that mastery, with that ease and confidence, I said ‘If I do things well in soccer, in architecture I can do better’… The ace up my sleeve, they classified me as a good player and perhaps a good architect, they began to entrust me with small projects, I am building a residence from scratch in Saltillo, I have done remodeling in Monterrey… I proudly say that I practice both professions”, said in an interview for Halftime.

However, having two professions is not an easy task, since daily training sessions, rallies and trips to matches take a lot of time.

Although everything varies according to the club and the planned matches, the reality is that they have to have at least 3 hours a day available to practice soccer.

“The club will set the training schedules, practices and hours in which the player must be available to the club for her participation in matches that the player must play (…) The fixed hours or days of work given the nature of this agreement will be variable”, reads the regulation.

Another case is that of the female Cruz Azul player, Paola Lopez Irigoyen, who studied Political Science and worked at the National Institute of Historical Studies of the Mexican Revolutions (INEHRM).

The pandemic represented a strong blow to the soccer industry, but especially in the women’s branch, as the players showed that they were going through strong economic problems. It was Paola herself, who announced that she was part of these cases.

The player asked for a job on her Twitter account, as she was going through a difficult situation. After that she started writing articles about politics and economics on a website.

Currently, Paola combines soccer with school, because continues studying to be a technical director at the National School of Technical Directors (ENDIT) and she is an announcer in a podcast called “Historias del llano”.

different destinations

However, the destination is not the same for everyone and due to the conditions, there are players who have decided to step aside and stop practicing soccer professionally to dedicate themselves fully to their profession or studies.

Such is the case of Daniela Pulido, former female Chivas playerl. She started in the Liga MX Femenil in 2017 and debuted in the same year with the rojiblancas. However, she decided to announce her retirement in 2020, pointing out the difficult situations that players have to go through.

“When I started I started with less than four thousand pesos. At that time I was a minor and they paid me with the school. They paid me for high school, but it wasn’t a big deal. To date there are girls who earn that, “he said on the podcast Very out of place.

However, he recalled at that time, he lived with his family and with the little income he had from football he could afford gasoline or small expenses, but he realized that in reality he had to decide for what was best for his future.

“At first you see everything very well, you thought you were getting paid for something you like to doI was 17 years old and at 20 I began to have to pay for gasoline or my things. When I started seeing those things I said I had to stop. When I arrived at Chivas it was either giving all your time to the team or giving all your time to the school. It was a decision that I thought too much about, ”he assured.

Social networks and the vehicle to generate income

In a digitalized world like the one we live in, social networks have become the work tool of many people and soccer players can find a way to generate income higher than what they earn on the pitch.

The representative of soccer players and specialist in public image, Ángel Palma commented in an interview for Yahoo Sports, that social networks have to work to find brands that want to sponsor the players.

“You have to work well with social networks to see what kind of values ​​they are going to communicate; everyone is different and different brands fit into that.”

He also mentioned that brands have as a priority look for players with a significant number of followers, no matter if they are starters or their performance on the pitch has been good or not.

“This is the reality, the brands want you to have networks that are worked on and that they serve as an information vehicle, even if they are not owners,” he assured.

However, he said that there is no average monetary figure of what they can earn, as it varies according to the brand and the social networks of the players. However, they can generate very high income.

“The number they earn varies a lot but if you can go very high. Although we must remember that women’s soccer is a market under construction. Brands look more for men’s soccer because it is a more consolidated product and a broader audience, that is why it is more in demand, ”he mentioned.

An example of this is the Pachuca player, Norma Palafox who have ventured into the world of television and social networks. He has just over 2 million followers on Instagram and works with different brands like Adidas and Del Monte.

In addition, she participated in the television reality show of Exatlón Estados Unidos, where she was champion and won the prize of 4 million pesos.


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