A Champions side for the First RFEF

Recent events have eroded the image of a RFEF Footters First Division which, in sporting terms, is experiencing a sensational season adapting to changes and dazzling a hobby that enjoys every weekend the enormous equality and competitiveness that exists between its already 39 members. But the variation in television rights with the entry of Fuchs Sports, which broke its contract with the Footters, and the controversial creation of an organization by five clubs against the federal interests have generated a climate of media tension around the competition. What better way to fix it than with renowned signings that suggest that the Spanish third category is one step ahead of its counterparts of the five major leagues.

In this case, it is Lamine Gassamawho has become a new Sabadell player. He arrives from Göztepe, from the Turkish Super League. It was his last team. In fact, there he was a regular starter at right back and added several assists last season. Since last May he has not played and has been looking for a new team for this time. Nevertheless, his performance, trajectory and pace of play could have given him a place in the same Turkey or in higher categories from other countries of the old continent.

Even so, he has decided on the ambitious Sabadell project, which is still looking for a playoff place for promotion to the Second Division. Gassama not only has his experience in Turkey as a guarantee on his resume. He is a youth player for Olympique de Lyon with whom he played up to three Champions League games a decade ago. In France he is recognized by all. After leaving the club of his life, due to not having enough opportunities, he ended up joining the Lorient. It was difficult for him to adapt in the first instance, but he ended up as an undisputed starter in the first category.

He is lateral and his main qualities are his aerial power, speed and forcefulness when cutting. He is also an international with the Senegalese team with which he has played in the World Cup in Russia. His best experience in national team football was the 2019 African Cup, where his country reached the final and he was the direct protagonist. Now, at 32 years old and with a lot of football still in his legs, he lands in the First RFEF to establish himself as a standout in the category or, at least, put his grain of sand in the illusion that lives in the Nova Creu Alta.