Adama Traoré’s former partner reveals the player’s response when asked if he liked the gym

Adama Traoré is known, since he played for Wolves in the Premier League, for being one of the strongest players in the world

Known for his great physical constitution, Adama Traoré was signed in the winter window by Barcelona, ​​who beat Galatasaray in the second leg of the Europa League round of 16.

Trained in the youth categories of Barcelona, ​​Traoré was still not so strong when he was promoted to the first team in the 2013-14 season, having few opportunities at the Camp Nou.

At the age of 19, he moved to Aston-Villa and then moved to Middlesbrough before making a name for himself with Wolverhampton. In the English squad, Traoré formed a friendship with Leon Bonatini, former striker of cruise.

“He is very fast, physically strong and shoots very hard. Above all, for me, as a center forward, it is very good that there is a winger who wins practically all the one-on-one duels. Many times in a game you need to go deep and he gives an escape that is very good. He is a very strong player in one-on-one, with his physique he has that advantage”, he said.

But you are wrong that Traoré’s muscles are the result of a strict diet and many hours of training. Leo says that he was very surprised to discover his partner’s routine.

“You didn’t see him very often in the gym and I asked him if he liked it. He said he didn’t exercise much because he had very good genetics and if he exercised he would get big very quickly and lose mobility. He didn’t exercise all day so he could grow I thought he exercised all day, but quite the opposite. He did the physical work that the club gave him, but nothing exaggerated to have muscle growth. He said that he did not like to exercise very much, “he assured.


Léo says that Traoré doesn’t like to drive and didn’t even have a license when they played together. “He just used to go for walks. He’s a simple guy, good people. We had a really nice atmosphere with him.”

In a Wolves training session, when Traoré dueled with the Portuguese winger Reuben Vinegarwho despite being a little thin, was one of the few who could fight with the attacker at speed.

“Once they collided, Adama fell to the ground and Vinagre continued to play with him. Nobody wanted to touch Traoré in training, he was very fast and strong. Usually strong guys are slow. Once in the locker room I asked him holding me for five seconds in the game. It was amazing! I saw how strong he was,” he recalled.

Despite the physical size, the player knows what to do with the ball, according to Léo. Despite not being a benchmark as a scorer, he stands out in preparing plays for his teammates to finish.

“He has many technical qualities. His evolution when he arrived at Wolves was very great with [el técnico portugués] Nuno Holy Spirit. It was already very good, but it has evolved a lot. He was wanted by many big clubs and it was not for less”.

After three and a half seasons of prominence at Wolverhampton, he returned on loan to Barcelona in the middle of the season. In eight games he still hasn’t scored, but he has already provided four assists.

After his commitment to the GalatasarayBarcelona will focus on the Clásico against Real Madrid for matchday 29 of LaLiga. The meeting is scheduled for Sunday at 2:00 p.m. in Mexico City.