another war against petrodollars

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the future of Erling Haland It will be decided in the next two weeks. The Borussia Dortmundwho gives up his star, wants to settle the matter as soon as possible and intends to arrive at the end of April with everything closed (and announced). manchester city and Real Madrid tighten in a battle that will be decided between the two, with clubs like the Barca virtually out of the game. The Norwegian puts the two options on a scale.

In Germany they are surprised by the alleged offer from Manchester City to Haaland. daily mail revealed that the English club had promised to make him the footballer with the highest salary in the entire Premier league. On the table, a contract of 600,000 euros per week: around 30 million per year. The figures have automatically converted the blue sky in the favorites to the signing.

They see it that way in Germany and, specifically, around Borussia Dortmund. Matthias collectormyth of the aurinegro club and external adviser to its president, he could not hide on Tuesday how impressed he was by City’s offer. He even dared to talk about Haaland as a future player for the team he leads Pep Guardiola. Journalists and other experts on German football have spoken along the same lines.

But nothing has been done and these reactions are only the result of the dizzying salary that City offers. Money is not everything for Haaland, who weighs the pros and cons of going to one team or another. The movements between Dortmund and the interested clubs are about to begin and it is urgent that Erling, Mino Raiola and the player’s father opt for one of the proposals.

Erling Haaland, training with Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund

Haaland will have to choose between City’s millions or fulfill his dream at Real Madrid. Everyone is clear that under equal economic conditions, the Norwegian would lean towards the Spanish team, but this will not be the case because the whites cannot compete with the potential of the petrodollars. In Madrid Haaland would earn well, only behind Mbappé, but it would be with a significantly lower salary than what is offered in Manchester.

Like Mbappe

With Haaland, a situation similar to the one that has been experienced with Mbappé since last summer is repeated. PSG, managed by Qatari money, offered him up to 50 million a year to stop his departure to Real Madrid. His future is already decided, he will be white, after having preferred to fulfill his dream to bathe in gold in Paris. Kylian chose to earn less (around 30 ‘kilos’ a year he will have in Madrid) to join the merengue club.

Haaland would have to do the same as Mbappé and thus give a second blow to the power of petrodollars. Now they are the United Arab Emirates those who promise to finance one of the most important operations in English football, giving the Norwegian the highest contract that a Premier player has ever had. Accepting it would be for Haaland to say goodbye to the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Real Madrid is confident in its chances in the operation. Haaland’s father has a past as a City player, but he is delighted at the prospect of his son wearing white. More cumbersome is the Raiola theme, whose trend always goes hand in hand with money. The one who decides will not be more than Erling and that is the important thing. Madrid has to play its tricks to counteract the offer from the club of Etihad Stadium.

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