ATHLETIC-GETAFE | Marcelino: “My future will be seen, I don’t even know”

The Athletic coach, Marcelino García Toral, continues without letting go of his possible renewal. He is inclined to wait for events to clarify the electoral process and for the candidates to opt for their continuity at the head of the rojiblanco first team. Meanwhile, players like Dani Garcia, Vivian or Balenziaga They support him in public: “I don’t even know. My future will be seen…, it is normal that it is not decided, another directive will arrive and decide and if both parties decide, we will see. It is not the important thing, I am focused on beating Getafe”, he clears.

The Asturian coach, elusive in this matter, even uncomfortable, points out that “the balance that comes out at the end of the season will be important”, he acknowledges regarding the European position in the forward, but, he clarifies, the most “important thing is that the contracting party decide and see if the project excites me and convinces me”, he concludes. His communion is traced with Elizegi and Alkorta: “I know what is going on with this board and sports director and I am satisfied and grateful on a personal and sports level. New people normally take refuge in their people, I am one who is here. Athletic is far above people Marcelino slides.

It reveals that of the four possible candidates (Barkala, Arechabaleta, Uriarte and Macua) no one has addressed him: “No one has spoken to me and of course I’m not going to do it; I’m not going to knock on the doorIt is logical. I am very far from this issue, “he stresses and comments that he was” screwed for a few days for not winning Betis, it is my job, what I am passionate about and what worries me.

In addition, Marcelino addressed other issues. On the renewal of Mikel Balenziaga it is clear: “The club decided to renew him, I said it. He competes a lot and well, and that is what is immediate, apart from many other values. Right now there is no clear substitute to play in that position, not at the level of Balenziaga to replace him, At least in the short term”, points out despite the promising Imanol García de Albéniz, who more than fulfills at Mirandés on loan. “You have to bite, not because you’re from here. The Athletic shirt is heavy and young people are not given their appearance”inform boaters.

Iñigo Martínez does not enter Getafe’s list so as not to “incur any risk” until he “fully recovers”although he explains that he loves that “the maximum number of players always go to the National Team, it indicates that they are at the highest level.” On the role of Villalibre: “He had a long period of inactivity, he had appearances in the game and he will continue to have them. He is working better and better, he has a good level of training at the activation level. He has forgotten the injury and it is the coach’s decision with him or with any other footballer.”

Athletic could have been located in some more step in the table due to the merits contracted: “Classifyingly less than where we should be, this is what the data and the good numbers say in almost all the game sections except in goal efficiency. If you are not higher, it is because you do not have that efficiency. He had to be higher up for the game and the reality is that he is not,” says the Atletico coach. The lack of a goal is a handicap in Bilbao, a recurring theme: “You don’t work on goals, you have them, you buy goals and they are expensive. Athletic, with their philosophy, have a lot of difficulties. In recent years there have been preferential goalscoring forwards, Athletic right now does not have it. With the quarry there are extraordinary batches, goalkeepers is a position that provides a magnificent level…, but they are circumstances,” he clarifies in the face of such a lack.

Describe Getafe, which lands at San Mamés threatening: “He has a very high level in the areas since Quique arrived, with a high percentage, he arrives little and scores goals; Unal is having a phenomenal season. We have to be very attentive, with a lot of people behind the ball, he is the one that uses the most long balls in the League. We have to have a very great idea of ​​criteria and finishing”, Marcelino lists about an opponent who is going to give you the ball so that you take the initiative. And extols Quique Sánchez Flores: “He is a good coach, who has trained great teams. He has merit with Getafe with a drastic change in the concept of the game; has some very correct numbers”, she points out.

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*Data updated as of March 17, 2022