Colombia and Chile opened the South American Amputee


With the ‘Colombia dear land’, performed by the Baranoa Band, more than 300 actors and makers of the Atlantic Carnival offered a show that kicked off the South American Amputee Soccer Championship on the court of Salgar, in Puerto Colombia .

The opening of the event was attended by the governor Elsa Noguera, the mayor of Puerto Colombia, Wilman Vargas, and the president of the South American Amputee Soccer Confederation, Eduardo García Tuesta.

“As Governor and woman who belongs to the population with disabilities, it is an honor and a privilege that the organization has chosen the Atlantic for this South American championship. Barranquilla and the Atlantic have established ourselves as a destination for major events, where visitors feel at home. Today people from all over the department have come to welcome all these athletes who are warriors for life. From here will come the four best that will go to Turkey. May the best win! ”, Expressed the president in her intervention.

For his part, the president of the South American Amputee Football Confederation, the Peruvian Eduardo García Tuesta, showed his conformity with how the Atlantic has supported this event.

“We are very grateful that they allow us to hold this first South American Amputee Soccer Tournament in the department of Atlántico. All the countries are very happy to feel the support of the governor and the people. This tournament is shaping up to be a championship that is played in conventional soccer, with a qualifying round where the seven South American teams that are here are going to compete for the four spots. In Peru we still do not have an amputee soccer federation and Colombia is giving us the example that we need the State so that these sporting events can take place,” said García.

Uruguayan striker Florencia Núñez, the only woman in the championship, expressed her happiness at the opening ceremony of the event.

“In 2018 they changed my life, and I am proud and happy to be part of amputee soccer. Thanks for the support and above the women. Hopefully Colombia can achieve its women’s soccer and the other countries too, ”she said excitedly at the reception by the governor, Elsa Noguera.

Colombia tied

The first match of the contest was in charge of Colombia and Chile, teams that tied 2-2.

The national team tried to give the first joy to the fans present on the field, but could not beat an austral team that knew how to stand up to them throughout the match.

The goals for ‘la Amarilla’ were in charge of Candelario Donado and Jorge, who made the fans vibrate and shout the first local goals in the championship.

Felipe Lezana and Joaquin Goñi scored for the Chileans.

This Thursday, the hosts will face their counterpart from Brazil, one of the strongest rivals in the tournament, in the last turn of the day.
Chile, for its part, will clash with Argentina, while Peru and Uruguay will open the day on Atlantic soil.