Does Macnelly Torres return to football? This is the club that seeks to convince him


The age of 36 or 37 years has been taken in soccer as the common point that calls for the retirement of soccer players. Many athletes, even having good physical sensations, decide to step aside when age begins to weigh on contracts and the interest of clubs in signing him.

That is the case of Macnelly Torres, one of the most talented players of the 21st century in Colombian soccer. ‘Mac’ started his career in the Junior, but the explosion of his career came commanding Cúcuta Deportivo to that historic league title in 2006.

After that he went abroad to play with Colo-Colo, but in Colombia something was waiting for him. He signed with Atlético Nacional in 2011 and from there he formed the basis of a project that ended up winning several local titles and the 2016 Copa Libertadores, in which he was a fundamental piece.

In the midst of those achievements with the painting purslane, he was in Saudi Arabia and also played for Junior; however, he ended up winning the desire to put on the National shirt again. In 2018 he arrived at Deportivo Cali without great brilliance, he went to Libertad de Paraguay and returned for some last brushstrokes with Alianza Petrolera.

Macnelly was also an important player for José Pékerman in the Colombian National Team, acting as the axis of the midfield in the qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, although he was left out of the list for the orbital event.

That great career made the reaction of the FPC fans inevitable when he announced his retirement in December 2021, after playing a friendly between ‘Coastals’ against ‘Cachacos’ at Romelio Martínez in Barranquilla. “I finally made the decision to no longer be active in football. and continue with my normal life”, he expressed to the media present.

From then on, the midfielder from Barranquilla has devoted himself to his personal projects and to giving his opinion on football and national sports matters in The VBar from Caracol Radio.

Even being far from professional football, Macnelly continues to train and took advantage of the presence of Cúcuta Deportivo in the department of Antioquia to join the training sessions as a guest. Faced with the possibility of returning to professional football, the new leaders of the team motilon They are trying to convince him to return to contribute to the team in this new stage, after overcoming the most difficult moments financially.

Gabriel Silva Meluk, president of Cúcuta, revealed in The owners of the ball that this is a certain possibility, although for now it is far from materializing. The leadership will sit down to talk with number 10, asking him about his desire to return to the fields and seeing their sensations they will make a decision regarding a contractual bond, to join the payroll that is currently in charge of Aquivaldo Mosquera, former player of the Colombian National Team.

Much will depend on the decision that Dimayor is about to make regarding the recognition of the red and black team as a professional club, a quality that it lost in November 2020. The good news for the motilones is that the vote of the presidents was positive in the assembly on Wednesday, although the body decided to postpone the official decision considering “the absence of a registered administrative body of Cúcuta Deportivo FC before the respective Chamber of Commerce”.

“After holding the Extraordinary Assembly of the entity with the associated clubs on March 16, 2022, it was decided to postpone the determination regarding the situation of Cúcuta Deportivo FC,” said the Dimayor statement, in which it adds that “The new date to study the position of the red and black team will be within a maximum period of 15 days.”