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FUTBOLRED fields is the new reservation and rental platform for soccer fields in Colombia which is positioned as an alternative to find, easily and quickly, sports complexes that have fields of all formats such as soccer 5, 8 and 11, among others, with rental budgets between $50,000 to $180,000 COP.

In addition to allowing you to rent online, the platform also offers the option to plan and organize tournaments and sporting eventsbecoming the best option to enjoy the sport.

It is so versatile that it allows you to filter according to your needs between the different court options according to your location, know the characteristics of each place, select dates, available times and choose different payment methods through gateways such as PayU and PSE.

What are the benefits of being part of the great Canchas Futbolred team?

If you are owner of sports fields or complexes and you are interested in publishing your business as a potential ally within the platform, you will be able to access different advantages:

Online sales channel for your business: the electronic payment system allows users to pay easily and quickly by accepting all types of cards (credit and debit) so that your court has an additional and secure way of payment media.

Expand your network of contacts: the platform has an extensive network of allies such as soccer schools, personal trainers, companies, lecturers, tournament leaders, among others, who are related to the sport and with whom you can obtain business opportunities focused on occupying the ‘off-peak hours’ of the courts.

Reservation management software: at any time and place you can see the reservations you have by day, week and month, which will allow you to organize different strategies to maximize the efficiency of your fields.

Increase the range of your pitch: your sports complex will be able to increase the occupancy of its reservations and reach new markets thanks to the brand positioning of Canchas FUTBOLRED, a product of the portal specialized in sports Futbolred, which receives approximately 8 million monthly readers, and Casa Editorial EL TIEMPO, which has a reach of more than 40 million people who browse its portals.

Commercial / operational support: Periodically, your complex will receive a report with the profile of the players and teams that you book, sponsors interested in your field, among other information that will help you fine-tune your sales strategy. If you need it, you will also receive operational and commercial support from the Canchas FUTBOLRED team.

*If you want more information on how to join the Canchas FUTBOLRED team, leave your contact information in the email:

Conversely, if you are a user and are a fan of practicing sportsYou will be able to find reservations available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, make online transactions or direct payments in banks and authorized establishments, have customer service advice to clarify concerns and confirm reservations.

Steps to rent online the soccer field of your choice

1. Access the web platform by entering
2. Select the date, time and court format in which you want to play in the search engine
3. Choose the court of your choice, evaluating the characteristics of the place (that it has a parking lot, shower area, scoreboard, among others.)
4. Select the type of reservation: rent paying 100% of the value of the field or make a pre-reservation paying 50% online.
5. Pay online and you will receive the confirmation email of your reservation to enjoy the game!

Currently the platform It has more than 100 allied courts so that he can assemble his patch and play in the nearest one.

To rent, enter now and reserve at Enjoy the match!