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Bridge games require convincing performances, especially in teams under construction such as Barcelona, ​​who will travel to Istanbul this week and to the Bernabéu on Sunday after losing out on Thursday against Galatasaray. The azulgrana completed a very good game and half an hour of luxury against Osasuna. The goals and football returned to the Camp Nou so that the fans would forget about the Europa League and celebrate that their Barça is based in the Champions zone. Doubts are a worse setback than defeats and even draws in teams that grow like Barça, very convincing and ambitious against Osasuna, so sure of victory that in the end Riqui Puig even came out for a while to make it 4-0 after shoot and then dribble with class at Herrera.


Ter Stegen, Alves, Piqué (Clemente Lenglet, min. 61), Alba (Óscar Mingueza, min. 78), Eric Garcia, Busquets, Gavi, Pedri (Riqui Puig, min. 72), Ferrán Torres (Braithwaite, min. 79 ) ), Aubameyang (Depay, min. 72) and Ousmane Dembélé



Herrera, David García (Aridane, min. 45), José Ángel, Juan Cruz, Nacho Vidal, Rubén García (Roberto Torres, min. 45), Lucas Torró (Unai García, min. 45), Jon Moncayola, Iker Benito (Ante Budimir, min. 66), Kike García and Javi Martínez (Brasanac, min. 72)

goals 1-0 min. 13: Ferran Torres. 2-0 min. 20: Ferran Torres. 3-0 min. 26: Aubameyang. 4-0 min. 74: Riqui Puig.

Referee Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea

Yellow cards Nacho Vidal (min. 12), David García (min. 14), Unai García (min. 88) and Brasanac (min. 92)

There are no players or time to rest with the ball at Barcelona. Stillness makes no sense even in a team that dominated the break like no other with the Messi-Xavi-Iniesta triangle. Xavi himself demands intensity today to win any League match. In the absence of football celebrities, Barça needs to compete with the signs that a small team is supposed to go back to being a great one in Europe. In any case, they do not have a smaller squad to make a difference against opponents like Osasuna. The Navarrese team lasted 27 minutes at the Camp Nou. The feverish Barça team got even for their disappointment on Thursday with Galatasaray.

The azulgrana played with Pedri and Gavi, two pure interiors, and two forwards who did not stop attacking the spaces, such as Ferran and Aubameyang, always well guided by the far-sighted midfielder Busquets. The Pedri-Dembélé-Alves association dismantled Osasuna in the blink of an eye. No one would have guessed that the team from Arrasate was one of the most qualified visitors in the championship, strong defensively, a specialist in denying interior spaces, well collected around Herrera. Barça football was as fast as it was fine and effective since Nacho Vidal fell on Gavi and the referee awarded a penalty that Ferran impeccably converted.

The Barça charge was continuous in the Osasuna area. The goals came through insistence and also through the clairvoyance of the passers and the definition of the forwards, surprisingly lucid after his fateful night against Iñaki Peña, the goalkeeper who kept his goal clean at the Camp Nou after 21 goals in the last seven Barça matches. Individual inspiration appeared in a team whose collective energy is non-negotiable with Xavi. Dembélé’s contribution was decisive due to his timing and ability to enable Ferran and Aubameyang. The Spanish striker did not tremble in the one-on-one with the goalkeeper at 2-0 and it was enough for the Gabonese to put the tip of the boot at 3-0.

at the first touch

Xavi insists more on the need to score than to win, convinced that his team is released with the score in their favour, as if 1-0 were synonymous with victory at the Camp Nou. This is how it happened against Osasuna, who did not have a moment of respite, crushed by the pressure and speed of the ball from Barcelona. Arrasate had no choice but to correct his plan at half-time and set up a defense with three central defenders starting with the entry of Unai García and Aridane. Xavi had succeeded instead with a formation without Araujo or Frenkie de Jong. The Uruguayan defends better than he attacks and the Dutchman drives and finishes off more than he combines in an unstoppable team when he plays at first touch like against Osasuna.

The changes made it possible to better contain Osasuna while the azulgrana slowed down in Piqué’s 600th game. Xavi was allowed to introduce Riqui Puig, Mingueza and Braithwaite, three players who had not been heard of for a long time on the Camp Nou pitch. The result and the context invited author moves like the one Riqui scored. The action portrayed Barcelona’s aggressiveness and Osasuna’s absenteeism. The interior finished off and picked up the rejection of the goal to crown the win.

Even Gavi adorned himself with a hat on such a playful date that will have nothing to do with the one in Turkey. Two very demanding games await Barça in Istanbul and Madrid. The rivals are as intimidating as the Barça game against Osasuna was fluid and joyful. The expectations increase after the Barça went back to enjoy in the Camp Nou.

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