Medellín lost 2-1 to América de Cali but qualified for the next round of the Sudamericana | South American Cup


América de Cali defeated Deportivo Independiente Medellín 2-1, but the Antioquians advanced to the next round, in the second leg of the first phase of the Copa Sudamericana, at the Pascual Guerrero Stadium. The match had a good game dynamic by both teams with several offensive arrivals, especially from the Red Devils.

The game started with a lot of participation from both teams, first Medellín with some approaches and then América, which at minute 9 put together a quick counterattack with Esneyder Mena from the left sector, centered the ball on Iago Falque, the Spaniard lost it but Carlos Sierra recovered, who looked for the best angle and scored the partial 1-0, tying the series.

The visit responded seconds later with a shot from Vladimir Hernández with a shot from medium distance and Joel Graterol sent it to the corner kick. Afterwards América controlled the game better, but at minute 24 the mighty man took a risk with Adrián Aguerri assisting Luciano Pons, who partially only eluded Graterol and scored the equalizer, once again obtaining the advantage on aggregate.

América returned to the attack and had a very clear option after a good clearance by Juan Camilo Portilla, he gave the ball to Deiner Quiñones who finished off a cross and goalkeeper Andres Marmolejo rejected it with a corner kick. The scarlet ones continued to arrive with two very clear options from Iago Falqué, in the first due to an extra hook, the defense took the ball from him and in the second a shot with a location where Marmolejo rejected it.

In the final seconds of the first half Medellín attacked with Luciano Pons, who suffered a strong foul by Jorge Segura, being a very clear penalty, which could even easily be a red card, but the referee Alexis Herrera from Venezuela decreed only a corner kick. Pons had to be replaced by Diber Cambindo.

For the second half, América made two changes, Edson Acevedo and Joider Micolta came on for Eber Moreno and John García, maintaining the offensive intensity achieving a couple of dangerous shots from Carlos Sierra and Adrián Ramos. At minute 56 in Medellín’s first incursion, Vladimir entered the area and was clearly knocked down by Jorge Segura, the judge decreed a penalty, Andrés Cadavid forcefully charged Graterol’s left post, which stopped the charge again as in the first leg.

At minute 63, América generated another offensive move down the left flank with Elvis Mosquera, who made a good cross, Adrián Ramos anticipated the defenders and scored the partial 2-1 with a header. The scarlet continued with the good offensive display, while Medellín could not find the spaces, even with the entry of Felipe Pardo and José Hernández for Vladimir and Juan Arboleda, they could not keep the ball at their feet.

The minutes passed and the powerful players improved their game with advances in the attack, but without much clarity in the last quarter of the field; and América for his part tried to maintain defensive solidity, taking advantage of the options he had on the counterattack.

In the end the score remained and everything was defined from the collections from the penalty spot. In the defining matches, Medellín defeated América with a result of 1-3 and qualified for the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana.

Juan Andres Arias Arias
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
On Twitter: @AriasJuan_15