Ramón Jesurún, among the re-elected leaders in the Colombian Football Federation


It was an open secret and it was confirmed. Ramón Jesurún is again the president of the Colombian Football Federation, for at least 4 more years.

The decision was made after the Ordinary Assembly of the Colombian Football Federation was held this Thursday, March 17, 2022, at the facilities of the entity’s sports headquarters in Bogotá.

“The president of the Colombian Football Federation, Ramón Jesurún Franco, presented his 2021 management report as well as the projects and budget to be executed during the new year of office. In addition, taking into account that the statutory period ends in August, the president recounted some of the achievements made in the four-year period”the Federation said in an official statement.

In his management report, Jesurún showed the championships to which Colombia aspired, he was selected and although he did not participate in some of them due to covid-19, they were also part of his exam before the 35 Colombian soccer clubs. “The championships for which we have been chosen or those we have held, including the 2 Copa América (Men’s 2020 and Women’s 2022), the 2020 Pre-Olympic and the South American U-20 World Cup qualifier that we will hold next year. Regarding infrastructure, he highlighted the construction and delivery of the sports venue in Barranquilla and the improvements to the sports and administrative headquarters in Bogotá.”, emphasizes the letter.

He also spoke of the extension of millionaire contracts of the sponsoring brands.

“In relation to the Executive Committee, The president of the Colombian Football Federation Ramón Jesurún, the president of Dimayor Fernando Jaramillo, the president of Difútbol Álvaro González were re-elected in their positions. and the vocals Juan Fernando Mejía, Luis Gabriel Miranda and Elkin Arce. The only one replaced was Javier Cogollo, who could not be re-elected after serving 3 statutory terms. His replacement was Jaime Ordóñez ”, they highlighted from the Colombian Football Federation itself.

At the official meeting were 69 representatives, 35 professional teams and 34 amateur departmental leagues.

Before the assembly it was announced that one of the re-election strategies was the meeting between the leaders of the Colombian soccer leadership, Ramón Jesurún, Fernando Jaramillo and Eduardo Méndez.

Apparently, the 34 teams would vote in favor of the continuity of Jesurún. The only one who gave the negative was Atlético Nacional.

The ordinary assembly took place one day after the extraordinary one, where the return of Cúcuta Deportivo was evaluated.

“The entity with the associated clubs decided to postpone the determination regarding the situation of Cúcuta Deportivo FC. The 35 clubs affiliated with Dimayor took this position, due to the absence of a registered administrative body of Cúcuta Deportivo FC before the respective Chamber of Commerce. The new date to study the position of the “rojinegro” team against Dimayor will be within a maximum period of 15 days”, said this entity in an official press release.

In Madrid, Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, spoke with SEMANA about his vision of Colombian football and its leaders involved in scandals such as the 2018 ticketing cartel, the pause in projects such as financial Fair Play, women’s football, arbitration and the controversial rise of the Union Magdalena.

“They have had a reputation for years, if there is no reputation there is no investment, no large sponsorships, no value of audiovisual rights. Really demonstrating that corruption is being fought is key. It is necessary to improve the image like any commercial company. Demonstrate it and practice it. The economic control that they do not allow themselves to be done financially is to continue making the trapdoor. Something is wrong in Colombian soccer and you have to ask why. I am very sorry”assured the Spanish leader to this medium.