Rueda chose Luis Suarez over Cucho Hernández despite his level in the Premier League

Coach Reinaldo Rueda shared this Wednesday the list with the players summoned for the matches of the Colombian National Team against Bolivia and Venezuela for the last date of the South American Qualifiers.

In the squad delivered by the Valle del Cauca coach, there were no major changes regarding the soccer players who have been disputing the qualifier for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, however; It was surprising that he had called Granada striker Luis Suárez over Juan Camilo Hernández.

El Cucho is coming off a brilliant performance with Watford in the 2-1 win against Southampton as a visitor on matchday 29 of the Premier League, a match where he was chosen as the star of the match by scoring both goals for his team.

The 22-year-old attacker He also had a great performance on the 28th round of the English League in a 3-2 defeat against Arsenal. The Colombian scored the 1-1 partial tie with a Chilean goal inside the area.

In those two games, Hernández finished as one of the best valued footballers by the statistical portal Against Southampton he had an 8.9 rating and against Arsenal an 8.7 rating.

Juan Camilo has had a very positive start to the year individuallyespecially in the last 30 days, because it was in this period that he earned a place in the starting eleven. A reflection of this is that in the month of March he has played three games as a starter in the Premier League.

The coffee footballer arrived at the English team in 2021 and his adaptation led him to lose prominence in the first three thirds of the season, ending up on the substitute bench, playing most of the games as an alternative in the second half. However, at the start of 2022 he put his poor performance behind him and began a surprising rise, where his good football catapulted him into the British team until he got a place in the starting team.

For its part, Luis Suárez has had a great continuity during the seasonin which he has played most games as a starter in the Spanish League. The forward has acted in the 28 days of the championship and only on one date was he a substitute.

The negative for the Colombian is his goalscoring productivity, since this campaign he has scored 6 goals in 2,288 minutes. Granada’s poor season has conspired against him as there are few opportunities to score per game.

The last goals converted by the striker came on January 20, 2022in his team’s 4-2 victory against Getafe on matchday 21 of the local tournament. They are already 8 games without converting and in the last two games his rating was below 7 points. (Valencia 6.4 and Elche 6.0).

This way, the balance of both players has been quite evenbecause the number of goals scored is very similar. However, in number of games played as starters, Luis Suárez has a wide advantage over Juan Camilo Hernández.

In terms of performance in recent months, an improvement has been seen in Cucho Hernández Well, in the most recent games he won the starting position and scored three goals. The difference between the two Colombian attackers is reflected in the ratings they have received from statistical portals.

Thus, with these numbers It was among the calculations that the Watford footballer would have an opportunity in the Colombian National Team, however, Reinaldo Rueda opted for the Granada striker, who had already been called up for the qualifiers.

In this case, the possibility that Juan Camilo had of being summoned to the Tricolor team instead of Luis Suárez was possible, since both players have very similar characteristics. The two play as wingers, both on the left and on the right, and occasionally score goals.

The only thing that could have tipped the balance in favor of the Granada attacker is that Rueda wanted a player as an alternative to play on the left wing. In this case, Suárez meets the requirements because he has been playing on the left side, while Hernández is doing it on the right wing.

The other reason why the Watford footballer would not be on the list of the coffee cast is because the statements he gave in 2021 against coach Reinaldo Rueda, when the Copa América in Brazil was played.

On that occasion, the forward pointed out that he did not understand why there were other minor league players who were in the continental competition. “I don’t know what I have to do to be there, because in the end, if you look at the logic, I’ve been in Spain for four years. And not seeing that but calling players who are in Mexico, MLS or Colombia is strange because they are different levels, although I say it without detracting.

“I don’t know what I have to do, but I’ll keep working hard to be there. I could be playing in the Copa América, I could certainly be contributing to the team. If other people don’t see it, it’s respectable, but I have 22 years and more opportunities, “added the Watford attacker.

For this reason, it is possible that the words of Cucho Hernández have not gone down well within the Colombian National Team and for that reason they do not take him into account in the calls.