The favorites to take over Chelsea

After the sanction of the government of Great Britain for his links with Vladimir Putin, Roman Abramovich suffered the freezing of all his assets, including Chelseawhich Abramovich himself had already put up for sale. But now it’s in Downing Street where the future owner of the London club will be decidedwhich has more than 200 suitors, according to the Daily Mail, although there is a group of favorites…

british businessman Nick Candy was one of the first to ring to buy the teamand you have many options. He is famous in the UK for his love of Chelsea and made his fortune designing and building houses. He has not yet made the final offer, which should be delivered before the end of this week.

Also, it was speculated a possible union between a British businessman and the Swiss-American consortium formed by Todd Boehly, Jonathan Goldstein and Hansjorg Wyss; but Candy’s spokesman quickly came out to deny it: “There are no talks for an alliance with Boehly and Goldstein, especially since Mr. Candy does not want a Spurs fan as part of future Chelsea ownership“.

The Saudis and their billion euros

With these statements it seems clear that the Swiss tycoon, Wyss, and his two North American partners, Boehly and Goldstein, will be Candy’s rivals, which will have more adversaries from other parts of the world, such as the Saudi Media Group. A business conglomerate whose country of origin is Saudi Arabia and whose capital exceeds one billion euros, according to different information, which would allow them to have launched an offer of 3,200 million euros last Monday, March 14.

Behind that offer would be Mohamed Alkhereiji, a well-known Chelsea fan who would not have a direct link with the Saudi governmentNewcastle owner. But if there was a direct relationship with the owners of the magpies, the Premier would put many impediments to Alkhereijiwhich also has other North American competitors.

The Ricketts, the last to go public

The Ricketts family has owned the Chicago Cubs since 2009, but it is very interested in expanding its operations in the world of sports and that is why they are expected to enter the bid this Friday, as confirmed today in a statement. A “very serious” offerAs an authorized voice has explained to the BBC, with which they want to take over Chelsea, which they already tried to buy in 2018.

Of course, they are not the only ones who have made their interest public. In fact, there are entrepreneurs who have published their offer on social networks. This is the case for A.ndy Owusu, a Ghanaian businessman and politician who made a fortune from gold mining and launched a €2.8 billion bid. However, it was before the government of Boris Johnson sanctioned Abramovich, and since then, Owusu has stopped playing.

Downing Street Requirements

Potential owners must meet a series of requirements, among which are proof of their fundsa complete list of your advisors, a business plan and a calendar. According to the Daily Mail, heThe final offer will also have to include an explanation of their interest in Chelsea. and a detailed report of their history as investors.

Finally, if all the details are mets, the buyer who presents the highest offer and with the greatest possible liquidity will take over the club. This is of vital importance for the blue team, who will have to deal with numerous payments in the coming days and who, since last Thursday, have had their bank cards frozen.