this was the aggression of the Manchester United fans to Cholo Simeone

Atlético de Madrid will play the quarterfinals of the Champions League after beating Manchester United on Tuesday in a triumphant night at Old Trafford (0-1), marked by the solitary goal of Renan Lodi and the saves of Jan Oblakwho recovered his best level at the most important moment of the season.

Diego Pablo Simeone’s team is already among the top eight in Europe again. It has taken him two years to come back and he has done it in a big way: winning in England, eliminating United on the rise with Cristiano Ronaldo ‘plugged in’ and with a charitable game, full of character and with the unmistakable signature of ‘Cholo’.

The 3,000 mattress supporters displaced to the ‘Teatro de los Sueños’ enjoyed a night to remember, very similar to that of Anfield prior to the start of the pandemic and with the share of suffering characteristic of any rojiblanca feat. This Tuesday’s will take a long time to forget and returns Atleti to the site it is accustomed to in recent courses.

At the end of the game, when the final 1-0 was consummated. Simeone ran towards the locker room, not realizing that the frustration of the local fans would translate into objects thrown from the stands to try to hurt him.

“The moment I left the field, it’s something I do because I prefer to enjoy happiness in the locker room alone,” explained the coach at the post-match press conference. “Later I didn’t realize (aggressions from the stands), the only thing I thought about was getting to the locker room and being happy,” he said.

The truth is that the Argentine coach had to remember his nights as a footballer to dodge all the objects that rained down on him at Old Trafford, a fact that was only anecdotal in light of the joy of having fulfilled his duty.

A lot of happiness

“I feel happy, here there are a lot of people working so that things go well and a lot of people involved to get out of the irregularity of this last month and a half. But above all because of the team’s reaction, when the team works as a team, it excites me”, Simeone said in statements to movistar after the 0-1 against Manchester United.

“This team is not ashamed of playing with a back seat and knowing what to do to not fit in against a team with many options, such as Manchester United. We could even have hurt on several occasions and the goal appeared before the break. Then in the second half came one of the best defensive efforts of the entire season. This leaves me with joy and that’s why I’m going to celebrate it quietly in the locker room “added the Argentine.

Asked about Antoine Griezmann’s game, the ‘Cholo’ put the emphasis on all his players. “Everyone is important, there isn’t one here who hasn’t stopped working well in tonight’s game. During the game they did generate that perception of us being lower and lower with their lateral centers, but we changed the system, and Griezmann helped with that position in 5-4-1, with a great effort, ”he summed up.

“And with a João Félix who works on the needs of the team, and a Lodi who grows more every day and Rodrigo has also grown and Herrera who gets us out of problems, and an Oblak who today gave us peace of mind again in the aerial game and in area balls ” , asserted the ‘Cholo’.

About Lodi, scorer of the match, he is clear. “He’s very good, he’ll make a free kick at any moment and they won’t be surprised, they’ll see. He had to wait a long time, thinking that Reinildo would come… but then Carrasco was suspended. It’s soccer. And as long as you train well, you’re ready,” he noted.

In addition, Simeone assured that they cannot think about what would have happened if he reacted earlier this season. “We can’t think that, we came from a brilliant season, having emerged as champions after an extraordinary tournament in the League, but it cost us regularity… Starting in Osasuna we showed another energy and now the transitions are much faster and on the counterattack we can hurt rivals. And that is something important, ”he settled.

“Win the ‘Champions? We know what the path is. Now we are concerned and concerned about the game with Rayo. We want to give President Enrique Cerezo this victory in his 1,000 official matches. Winning at Manchester, Chelsea or Liverpool is not easy and all these memories will not be forgotten, they will be forever”, he concluded.

With information from Europe Press.