Time for reflection: Córdoba CF and the future situation of Carlos Puga and Antonio Casas

A job in advance that is waiting for several chapters to be finalized. The sports management Cordoba CFwith Juanito at the controls, has already had several renewals -see Jose Ruiz, Simo Bouzaidi and Alex Bernal– while others such as Adrian Fuentes He arrived by fulfilling one of the clauses of his contract -that of exceeding ten between goals and assists-. However, special attention is paid to the situations of promising young people who have a contract and whose objective is that they be linked for more years, especially Carlos Puga and Antonio Casas.

Two examples of constant progression

The grenadian side stood out last season in the subsidiary that he directed, precisely, German Crespo. In fact, once he took the reins of the first team, he gave him the option of debuting in Second Division B and catch gallons inside the campus. Moreover, the entity renewed it last summer with record of that set and until the year 2023. The versatility of the natural Albuñol (Granada) It is one of the most significant features provided on the right wing. And it is that he can offer his performance on the side and the end with solvency. The 1,252 minutes in the League, with up to 14 startsthey reflect the faith that exists in their projection.

The Forwardmeanwhile, arrived during the previous summer market from the Seville Athletic. From then on, it appeared as one of the values ​​for the future to be considered, especially in view of what was obtained for the framework. The nine goals in the Second RFEF and the couple more he scored in the RFEF Cup They reopened several times the debate on the striker who had to start at the Blanquiverdes.

The doubts are on the table after the statements of the CEO, Javier Gonzalez Calvoon the play of Cordoba. The president indicated that “the renovations are being worked on, in some cases there are proposals made for a long time, especially in those who have a valid contract for next year», as with Puga and Houses. Despite this, the Extremaduran indicated that “what I tell the sports management is that Córdoba, in the division in which it is, is a morlaco alreadywho wants to be with us has to be delighted to do so, without playing with tug of war», he mentioned.

When questioning him in the case of these footballers, he did not want to exemplify it with any of them. «I mean the ones you all knowthere are not many. They have a deadline and in some cases they have expiredI’m not telling you it’s one or the other,” he said. Because the idea established in the Cordovan entity is none other than to have people who want to grow at the same pace as the teamcircumstance exposed repeatedly by Juanito. «We want to renew, we are happy, but neither will we remain available to what a player says or to the contrarygiven that very good footballers want to come to this club“, argument.

The evident interest of other clubs appears on both horizons, something that happened in his day with great. The player himself confirmed in this medium a few months ago that he had interest in your serviceswhich finally fell on deaf ears when extended his contractfirst until 2023 by reaching a series of matches and after 2024 after reaching an agreement. Despite the fact that Puga and Casas have a valid contract, the entity has been testing the ground for a long time so that they follow the path of the Spanish-Moroccan extreme.

The rest of the cases in the template

There are other assumptions in the squad that are very close to renewal by clauses “simply due to the inertia of fulfilling the stipulated matches”, something that will happen to the goalkeeper Carlos Marin -he must reach his twenties and he has four left- or Miguel of the Cavesalthough for this he has to establish 15 assists and goals. «He is one more Cordobesista, I do not have to decide it, it is like that. He is a person very loved by all, I wish he could continue but this is football and those who know and the player himself will decide», he stressed. From Dragisa Gudeljwith a offer to studyits continuity was not specified either and another man like Tony Arranz will seal it when the ascent is completed.