Tolima vs Patriots | BetPlay League Colombian soccer betplay league


After a weekend without sports activity in the BetPlay League, football returned on date 11 with the match at Manuel Murillo Toro between Deportes Tolima, receiving Patriotas Boyacá. The Tolimenses sought to assume the top of the table and partially escape alone in the first box, while the Patriots wanted to return to victory, something they have not achieved since the second day when they beat Deportivo Independiente Medellín with a score of 2-0 . In addition, since the linking of Arturo Boyacá to the Boyacá team, the Tunjanos do not know what it is to add three.

A beginning of commitment revolutionized especially by the visit. Patriotas tried it with a great shot by José Ramírez that William Cuesta saved leaving a short rebound. Marcílio Silva de Lima, a Brazilian player capitalized by pushing the ball to the bottom, but found himself offside. Confidence and dominance remained with Patriotas and Silva appeared again after receiving from Darwin López. However, his shot in the area ended up in the hands of Cuesta.

About 23 minutes, Tolima woke up in the still ball. A shot that Juan Fernando Caicedo headed and bounced off José Ramírez. In the first instance, the actions continued, but Edilson Ariza, central judge of the commitment, received the call to review the play in the VAR. Indeed, the ball hit Ramírez’s hand and Ariza did not hesitate to award a penalty. Upon payment, Michael Rangel who tried to secure with power, and shook the crossbar.

As the minutes passed, Tolima was having more decision to go forward to open the scoring. Daniel Cataño became the fundamental axis through which each offensive action was developed. In fact, around 36 minutes, Cataño entered the area and José Luis Moreno brought him down. New penalty awarded by Edilson Ariza that the man from Antioquia made. With the goal against, Patriotas sought equality by attacking down the wing, but it all ended in the hands of William Cuesta. Victory by the minimum of Tolima to go to rest.

The start of the plugin was a bit delayed. There was a problem with the VAR and Edilson Ariza called the captains, Carlos Mosquera and Juan Fernando Caicedo to notify them that the second chapter would be played without video assistance. Returning to sports, the boyacenses took possession of the ball and created danger with Darwin López.

As the minutes passed, Tolima shook off the Patriotas’ possession of the ball and they tried with Cristian Trujillo, but the shot went just wide. The associative and calm game by Trujillo, Cataño and Lucumí paid off and allowed the pijaos to rest a bit with possession. Around 56 minutes, Hernán Torres moved his team substituting Michael Rangel for Anderson Plata in search of adding spice to the match.

Darwin López was the benchmark of attack in Patriotas trying with a close shot in the Tolimense defense. In that corner, Marcílio Silva executed close to the near post, and José Ramírez headed from the side. Subsequently, Luis Felipe Pérez caught a rebound off Jonathan Marulanda and William Cuesta made a two-time save.

Second victory in the patriotic tournament and first for Arturo Boyacá on the boyacense bench. The Tolimenses assume the second box with 22 units and will visit Once Caldas. For their part, Patriotas achieved an important victory with a view to the relegation table and will host América de Cali on the next day.

Tolima was able to break the equality with a tremendous shot by Jonathan Marulanda against the crossbar. The locals lost offensive arguments after the departure of Daniel Cataño with a sparse game by Anderson Plata and without options for the Guarani, Gustavo Ramírez. To close the curtain, Arturo Boyacá entered the Frenchman, Quentin Danloux instead of Darwin López. Carlos Mosquera created a play down the wing, cutting defenders and assisting the Frenchman who pushed the ball deep.

Hernán Torres moved his bench again with the foreign income of Gustavo Adrián Ramírez and Raziel García, Paraguayan and Peruvian respectively, instead of Juan Fernando Caicedo and Daniel Cataño. Although with the revulsives he sought to give him more control in the spinal cord and new airs in the offensive zone, Raziel missed a pass that was left to Darwin López. The former Deportes Tolima resorted to the inexorable law of the former after an individual play and a low shot outside the area that slipped into the goal of William Cuesta.