Villareal sank the aspirations of Juventus de Cuadrado to continue in the UCL

What seemed unthinkable during this Wednesday (March 16) happened at the Juventus stadium, which officiated as a local in its stadium and hoped to pass without problems to the quarterfinals of the Champions League, however, although in the previous projected as the favorite in the series after the 1-1 tie in the first leg, the story turned in favor of Villarreal who took advantage of the final minutes of the game to keep the result of the match and the treasure that the final series represented against one of the candidates for the title.

In a match in which Juan Guillermo Cuadrado was the starter and captain of his team, the Colombian could not cope with the three punctual blows that the Spaniards had to sink the aspirations of the Italians to continue in the competition, a strong fall for the Turin team, which will have to see a season escape without fighting for the local tournament and the most important international club title.

The 50,000 inhabitants of Villarreal are celebrating after having achieved another milestone in their history. They are already one of the eight best teams in Europe after a notable victory at Juventus Stadium, against everything and after 1-1 at La CerΓ‘mica. The slope was steep but the ‘groguets’ broke all forecasts.

The photo was taken in the final quarter of an hour, but a good ‘blame’ for the pass belongs to GerΓ³nimo Rulli, who stood out with his personality in the initial stretch of the game. The Argentine goalkeeper was the one who stopped Vlahovic, twice, and Morata bordering on rest time. Rulli made this 0-0 possible at the end of the first 45 minutes.

In the second part the script was the same. Juventus was commanding in the center of the field and rioting down the flanks, especially with an exultant Cuadrado who came close to achieving the first for the Italians. However, Villarreal held on and ended up finding their prize due to the impatience of the ‘Vecchia Signora’.

Massimiliano Allegri’s men left many spaces in the rearguard and the CastellΓ³n team armed themselves with the weaknesses of their rival. Parejo took control and Emery’s men were more comfortable when the ball came out. 15 minutes from the end, it was 0-1 after a very clear penalty that required a VAR review.

The infringement was obvious. Rugani blocked Coquelin without touching the ball, but the referee did not see it. It had to be technology that saved the Spanish team. Gerard Moreno, who was back and had only been on the green for a few minutes, grabbed the ball and scored with suspense after Szczesny touched just before he crossed the lime line.

From there, the madness was unleashed for the ‘Yellow Submarine’, who sentenced the pass in a corner six minutes from the end. Parejo put it in the area and Pau Torres, after an extension, put the icing on the cake. Or so it seemed. The ‘noi del poble’ -could not be another- was in charge of clasping a night for history.

But there was still more left for a Villarreal who sentenced 0-3 with another penalty. On this occasion it was Danjuma who found the back of the net to sign an outstanding pass after obvious hands from De Ligt. The game couldn’t have been better for those from CastellΓ³n, who continue to write their history in gold letters and this Friday they will be in the draw for the quarterfinals.

*With information from EuropaPress.