Bordalás: “You don’t have to fight for the Champions because you’re in the final”

Review of casualties: “I have not decided yet. Then I will meet to see the final status of the players we can count on. Paulista has not trained, but we have to decide now because he had good feelings. Cillessen and Thierry have trained with the group, but they have been little time and they have been unemployed for a long time. They have few sessions”.

Fair Play Extension: “I saw that news, but we haven’t talked about it. We haven’t discussed it because we’re focused on the League. There are a lot of points at stake and it’s time to focus on day-to-day to have a good level”.

Shield/Flag Elche

Relapse players: “It is taken into account. The Cup is far away, but it is taken into account. Losing a player or a relapse limits you a lot for the Cup and for this stretch that is very important. Sometimes you have to limit yourself and endure for the game more immediately to be able to count on that player in the Cup”.

Paulista: “He is quite well. In the last game he had discomfort in the hamstrings of the leg that he had not had the injury. We are taking care of him and trying to count on him. A decision must be made for tomorrow. We trust that it will not be like this until the end of the season “He has been out for a long time and has played demanding games and that has worked against his recovery. But he is strong, a team player and he gives everything. We hope to have him for this final stretch.”

Attack: “Many times you have to find a balance, which is not easy. Getafe is our benchmark and not everything can be included in that. We have had a very important imbalance at a defensive level, apart from the fact that we have conceded a goal in recent games. You have to take into account the losses and it is not an excuse. We have had the losses of Gayà, Lato, Thierry… Sometimes you have to find that balance and force but that is part of football. Throughout the course we have had many casualties, injuries… It’s been a real odyssey”.

Elche similar to Getafe: “Elche is doing things well and showing great solidity. They make the most of the chances they have and at a defensive level they adjust and concede little. They are a very generous team, with skill and experience. It is going to be a difficult game. We hope to have a very good version and compete at a good level, as we always do, even if it goes one way or another. We expect a difficult game because Elche have shown it, even against Barça. They lost by the minimum and with some controversy”.

Bordalás style: “Getafe is used as a reference and there were no goal situations there. It was difficult and very intense. I know what my team’s style is, but after 20 years I am not going to define it now. We are in the Cup final and that It’s not an easy task. We have to give it credit. In the league the team has had moments. We would like to be higher up and be realistic and have our feet on the ground. Being in the Cup final will not mean we will be able to fight for the Champions League “You have to be very realistic and go step by step, like the whole championship. The passing of the day is going to be marked”.

Francisco’s style benefits Valencia: “There aren’t so many styles. I’ve been there for many years and I don’t see so many styles. I watch the games and they are very similar. There are times when it’s more successful and they can be more fun for that, but I don’t see so many styles. When Barça has marked us four goals nobody has noticed the style, he has only taken advantage of his chances. I don’t see so many styles and I see many games. In the end, nowadays dynamism, transitions, set pieces, solvency predominate… I don’t see so many styles like what they talk about”,