Juventus-Villarreal | The reactions of the protagonists

Memorable night for Villarreal, a fantastic squad that already made history last season by winning the Europa League throne. On this occasion, the pupils of the eternal Unai Emery have given a blow to the table in the Champions League. All this, of course, by knocking out Juventus in Turin to access the quarterfinals of the tournament that Chelsea defends.

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Massimiliano Allegri

Summary: “We played very well for 75 minutes. Villarreal fell behind in the second half and the penalty was decisive, these are things that happen. I can’t blame the boys for anything”.

Angry?: “It wasn’t with Emery, whom I congratulate on the great game. Controversies are useless, you have to accept that, in football, things sometimes go wrong. I’m not referring to the referee.”

Second half: “Villarreal wasn’t even looking for a counterattack, they locked themselves behind. They wanted to go into extra time and we didn’t manage the 0-1 score well, there were still 15 minutes to go and they put two more in.”

Mood setback: “We have to think about the future, we already have the championship (Serie A) and what happened in the Champions League cannot be changed. I understand that people have whistled, but I am satisfied with the work of the players”.

John William Square

Resignation: “There are no explanations. Sometimes, football is like that. We had a good first half, but we didn’t know how to take advantage of our chances. Then, in the second half, we tried to move the ball more, but they closed well and took advantage of the counterattacks.

Assessment: It’s a shame, but we know that these games can be decided by these episodes. I think we did what the coach asked us to do in the second half, try to move the ball to break down their defence, but they were very well planted on the pitch.”

A wall called Villarreal: “We should have tried to beat them head-to-head, like we did in the first half, but we couldn’t.”

Unai Emery

Special dedication: “I dedicate it to José Manuel Llaneza. We want to dedicate this victory to him for this project because he is going through a difficult time. José Manuel is whole, full of energy and I am glad that he had a good time”.

Gerald Moreno: “We had a game plan. We knew he was going to see difficult moments. We took care of him and we wanted him to come in with all the certainty. Today, Gerard has really come back”.

Analysis: “The game has different directions, but I already thought that we were going to need our goalkeeper. Then we had to wait for our moment. They gave a feeling of more danger in the first half, but then everything flattened out. It was time to see how the match was broken in our favour. I anticipated a long game and staying on our feet was the goal”.

Classification with Real Madrid and Atlético: “It’s one more pride. We want to have our recognition and I feel proud for everything, for Spanish football, for Villarreal and for getting through the round of 16, which I hadn’t done.”

Quarter draw: “I’m not going to talk about the rivals. They are all very difficult. The quarterfinals are very complicated. We will prepare them with care and enthusiasm”.

Pau Torres in movistar

Quarter finals: “Not even in our best plans did we think of achieving a result like this. We knew they were going to have opportunities. Rulli has been very successful and we have had a bit of luck, but we have to look for it”.

Euphoria: “It’s the most important goal in my career. We got through to the quarterfinals with Villarreal. I’m elated because we deserved this.”

Plan to follow: “The script was to have a long tie, a long game. We had important people on the bench. Gerard changes the team completely because he is an incredible player.”

Dusan Vlahović: “He is a decisive player. He had a chance in the first half. Keeping a clean sheet was a very important challenge and I continue to thank Albiol because I continue to learn from him”.

Next opponent: “Whoever plays, we’ll go for it. We’re going without any pressure. Let’s enjoy it and compete.”

Raul Albiol in movistar

Gesta in Turin: “It’s hard to explain why Villarreal is back in the Champions League quarter-finals because this means a lot of enthusiasm for the fans, for the president… It’s a time to enjoy it and wait for the draw.”

Juventus pressure: “In the end, we knew we were going to suffer. Even if they had scored against us, we had to be in the game for 90 minutes. We waited for our moment. In these close games, whoever makes the smallest mistake…”.

The Champions: “It has cost us a lot of work to get here. Last year we had the Europa League and we have lived beautiful moments. Being in the quarterfinals is wonderful”.

League Presence: “We’re there. We weren’t the three clear favourites, but we’ve passed all three and we hope to avoid each other.”

Geronimo Rulli in movistar

historic match: “Tonight will be marked forever. We had the chance to make history and the whole team deserved this. The way we prepared for the game was key to winning.”

The agony of the first half: “We came to the house of Juventus, to the house of the greatest in Italy. It was normal to suffer. The defensive work was incredible and it was to applaud. We are happy because we want to continue in this competition”.

Quarter finals: “We’re already among the top eight in Europe. Any rival they play will be more difficult than today. Seeing Villarreal’s shield in that draw is something to be happy about”.

Gerard Moreno in movistar

Classification: “It’s an honor. We knew we could do it against a great club and in one of the most beautiful stadiums in the world. We knew it was going to be a tight game. But when we score, we feel more comfortable. It’s a magical night. I’m glad for the fans, for the president, for Llaneza… Everything is joy”.

Very meritorious win: “What a night. We’ve shown that we compete in the big games. We all add up and we want to be among the top eight in Europe. We’re going to keep dreaming.”

Your goal: “I tried to get away a bit until it was time to take it (the maximum penalty). I tried to be calm. I just missed the last penalty against Atlético, but I had everyone’s confidence and I knew I could do it”.

Three Spaniards in quarters: “Our League is there. We continue to be one of the most powerful Leagues, along with the Premier. Putting the three teams in the quarterfinals is a pride for Spain. We’ll see what we get in the quarterfinals. We don’t care who touches us and we’ll go to to compete”.