A whole final with a silver flavor

Whatever happens, there will be others 27 points at stakethat there are still many to fight for any objective. But there is no doubt that the date they have this afternoon at the royal sand the opportunities and the Mirandese can mark the evolution of the category and condition the battle for the permanence. Separated by six points in the standings, the subsidiary of the Real society is now the team that mark the thin line between the tranquility and the drama of the descent. If this afternoon is not a final, it looks a lot like it (follow the match live on AS.com).

Because a triumph from Royal B put one suffocating pressurenot only Mirandés himself, but also Sporting de Gijón, Malaga and even Huesca. And the panorama of the agonizing struggle for salvation changes radically. But if it’s him red team the fact that emerges victorious of the Reale Arena, let’s say that little changes the current situation and apart from add a lot of peacerebound calms the rest of the teams invited to this uncomfortable ‘party’. Yes, definitely, it’s not just another game. There is much at stake for the two protagonists and for the entire environment of the Fight for permanence.

The Sanse, for the moment, has enough with having arrived alive at this appointment, seeing how he was a little over a month ago. Their ten points of the last twelve possible have allowed him to earn the right to have the opportunity to engage at all to the salvation. Xabi Alonso has managed to find a reliable team, and now anything is possible. And all of this has made the hobby is hooked to the subsidiary, with the help of the club that this week has given away tickets right and left so that the royal sand present the best looking possible and lead the Sanse to victory.

For his part, the Mirandese wants to bang on the table and get closer to salvation against a direct rival, who is playing much more than three points. the reds they do not trust the subsidiary from San Sebastian who, in recent days, has shown his true level although we will see if it is too late to stay one more season in the Silver category.

The wild boar group has before it several challenges as already happened in his last trip to Leganés. On the one hand, try to link two victories. Something that has not been achieved at the moment in the entire championship. And on the other, break the bad dynamic away from Andalusia where they have not known victory since last October 17 when they defeated Ibiza in can fail.

Etxeberria must vary at least one piece due to the drop in sanction of Alex Lopez. Oriol Rey is also short, so graceful has all the ballots to accompany Meseguer in the center of the field. Another possibility is Martín, who has hardly had playing time since his arrival at Mirandés. In the rest of the team no changes are expected. Camel, ‘Roro’ Riquelme me Inigo Vicente they will take the singing voice in the attack, while Jorge Sáenz and Arroyo will lead the defensive zone.

match keys

– Environment: After games with the stadium almost empty, the Reale Arena can present the best ticket of the season after the club has campaigned by giving away tickets.

– Link Triumphs: Mirandés wants to chain two wins in a row. Something that has not achieved throughout the league championship.

– Possession: Sanse have finally managed to convert their dominance of the game into points in matches. He adds 10 of the last 12 points played.

– Visiting fans: Close to 400 rojillos will support their team at the Reale Arena. It will be the first massive displacement of the season.

aces to follow

Turrients. The commander of the Sanse field center. He orders, commands and does not stop growing. He points to First while shining in the Silver category.

Camel. The striker from Madrid has eleven goals with the red shirt. He wants to score again to bring Mirandés closer to permanence.

Ups and downs

Royal Society B: Henrique Clemente returns. Arambarri and Djouahra are out due to injury.

Mirandese: Simón, Gelabert and Oriol Rey are out due to injury, as is Álex López due to suspension.

previous declarations

Xabi Alonso, coach of Real Sociedad B: “It will be very important, that is clear, but as everyone has been so far. The most important thing is us because the team is confident, very alive and willing to fight until the end. And we only care about the game, not even to come, nor what has happened so far”.

About Mirandés: “Certain things have changed, but many patterns can be repeated. We know each other well from their time at Bilbao Athletic. And they are at an important moment. They have high-level players, young people with a great future who are coming along very well.”

Joseba Etxeberria, coach of Mirandés: “We know it’s a very important game. It’s a direct rival. In the end they are cutting off relegation. We both have a lot at stake. There are three points that would allow us to increase the margin. Real is in a good dynamic. It has improved in results and in the game. If we are at our best level, we can beat anyone. We are ready.”

On the massive displacement of the rojilla fans: “The fact that people cheer up is a sign that they are excited. It is an extra motivation. The match is already important, but having the support of the people as visitors makes us I’m very excited. Hopefully we can give them victory”.