ALAVES 2-GRANADA 3 | Giant step of Granada

Granada took a giant step towards remaining in Vitoria, in a crazy and unpredictable match in Mendizorroza. Continuous alternatives on the scoreboard. The truth is that everything happened, it was a first-rate roller coaster. Ghost goal, missed penalty, yellow cards everywhere, comebacks and expulsion of Granada’s substitute goalkeeper, Escandell, for not allowing a foul to be taken from his bench. The Nasrids leave with six points and also take the particular average (2-1 in the first leg). Hard blow for the Vitorians who, with the same result, promised them very happy, but then they did not know how to close the clash. The game lasted 103 minutes (three of the first and one hundred of the second).

*Data updated as of March 19, 2022

The first part was very intense, orMany things happened, but no goal came. Joselu missed a penalty and the referee annulled one against Granada for Molina offside just before half-time. Mendilibar opted for Escalante and Loum as midfield anchors and for Manu Vallejo as Joselu’s point guard partner. Torrecilla planted the line of five in defense and the Nasrid team was quite solid in general.

Photo of Escalante

*Data updated as of March 19, 2022

Loum had it in the 14th minute, but Maximiano pulled out a miraculous hand and prevented the goal. Meanwhile, the danger of Granada came from the right wing with a huge Col that continually overwhelmed Rioja and Duarte. With a good filtered pass, he enabled Luis Milla but the midfielder did not score. The clearest opportunity was, however, Joselu Mato. Minute 24, penalty on the Galician, he takes time to get up complaining of a blow but decides to take the maximum penalty and Maximiano stops it. Cards, chances, disallowed goals and missed penalty. First part with many things to tell but without goals.

Photo by Manu Vallejo

In the second half, however, five were seen. Granada started in the 50th minute with a shot from Escudero coming out of a corner. A couple of minutes later Escalante responded with a shot in the small area in which Neva was injured. In minute 58 it was 2-1 through Manu Vallejo. But Mendilibar touched the team, placed the trivote again and broke the 4-4-2 to shore up the midfield.

Photo of Doors

However, Granada was able to draw, to intimidate the rival and to give it the finishing touch. In minute 75 the draw came and in minute 87 Luis Suárez made it 2-3. Players like Milla and Collado in the first half and Machis and Suárez in the second were more successful than those from Alavés. Do not forget that, in fact, the babazorros even missed a penalty in the first half.

Photo of Luis Suarez


alberto soro (56′, Carlos Neva), Doors (61′, Alex Collado), Luis Suarez (61′, Myrtle Uzuni), Tony Moya (66′, Joselu), Jason (77′, Manu Vallejo), Eteki (83′, Njegos Petrović), machis (83′, Jorge Molina), Miguel De La Fuente (87′, Ruben Duarte)


0-1, 49′: Squire1-1, 52′: climbing2-1, 56′: Manuel Vallejo2-2, 74′: Doors2-3, 86′: Luis Suarez


Referee: Guillermo Cuadra Fernandez
VAR Referee: José María Sánchez Martínez
Mamadou Loum (3′, Yellow) Quini (26′, Yellow) Nahuel Tenaglia (40′, Yellow) myrto uzuni (47′, Yellow) Njegos Petrović (60′, Yellow) Miguel De La Fuente (88′, Yellow) German (89′, Yellow) Escandell (94′, Red) Squire (94′, Yellow) Victor Diaz (94′, Yellow) climbing (95′, Yellow