Colombians in the Champions League and Europa League: road to the final | Colombians Abroad

On Friday the quarterfinals were drawn for both the champions as the European League and incidentally they paved the way for the semifinal and subsequent final.

Five Colombians will seek to at least reach the decisive duel in their respective contest. Luis Díaz is the coffee ambassador in Championswhile Luis Fernando Muriel, Duván Zapata, Alfredo Morelos and Rafael Santos Borré will do the same in Europe.

Although it will not be easy to dispute the title, each one has interesting arguments to do so.

As for the top European competition, Díaz appears as one of the figures of Liverpool, a team that a priori will have a quiet quarterfinal phase. His rival is Benfica, they close the series at Anfield and piece by piece they are infinitely superior. There should be no problem.

The question will be the semifinal. There quite possibly against Bayern Munich, one of the greatest powers and even for many the best team on the continent. Two similar styles (pure verticality), lethal strikers (Salah-Lewandowski) and star-studded payrolls. It would be an open series that will probably be defined by any detail.

On the other side of the sidewalk, there is the quartet of Colombians and Atalanta leaves as the one called to lead the assaulted tricolor. With Muriel and waiting for Duván, Atalanta is playing a duel that could be said to be even against the German RB Leipzig, who by the way advanced due to the suspension of Spartak in the round of 16. Hard crossing between clubs with similar performance both in the league and internationally.

Morelos appears as the offensive figure of the Rangers. It is neither more nor less than the historical South American scorer in this competition. In front they will have the Portuguese Braga. The balance points to the overwhelming Scottish attack.

The good news is that if Atalanta and Rangers advance, they will meet in the semis. Which means that at least one Colombian will say present in the grand final.

Who has it more complicated is Borré at Eintracht Frankfurt. They are measured against Barcelona, ​​the team called, and almost forced, to win the second most important tournament in Europe. And in the miraculous event that they win their key, the semi-final would greet them with the winner between West Ham and Lyon. Another blow to the illusion.

It is worth remembering that the last Colombian participation in the definition of any of these tournaments was barely a year ago. Carlos Bacca was part of the Europa League champion Villarreal squad, even being a starter in the grand final.

As for the Champions League, it is necessary to return until 2019. On that occasion Dávinson Sánchez was a substitute with Tottneham in the final that they ultimately lost to Liverpool.