Francia Pochettino does not confirm that he will continue at PSG

The PSG coach, Mauricio Pochettino, spoke to the media on the eve of the match against Monaco corresponding to matchday 29 of Ligue 1. The Argentine coach was doubtful about his future from June, acknowledging that he is the the club that will make the decision if he wants to continue with his services next season.

Mbappe’s future: “I have talked to Kylian about a lot of things, but not about what you ask me (they ask him about his future and the applause from the Parc des Princes)”.

Messi’s flu and how he digested the whistles with Neymar: “It is clear what I said about the sadness of the situation with respect to everything we have experienced. Not to a specific fact. The first big disappointment is on the part of the players and also our fans. I think that sadness, beyond a lot of things, we all feel as a group. Soccer doesn’t stop. You have to continue competing, we have to set the goals that remain as our priority, because it is the only one that remains for us in the championship. We have to give the club the tenth Ligue 1 title. And that is now our main objective. We are not going to forget what happened, because it is there, but our responsibility is to live with that pain of not having been able to be in the next phase of the Champions League”.

Marquinhos’ game against Madrid and his leadership: “The collective disappointment of not having been able to eliminate Real Madrid and the responsibility lies first with the coach, and then with the parts that make up this club. It is clear that Marquinhos is a great player, he is a player that this club feels and has been with for many years. Through his performance he has earned the reputation that he has. His leadership is a leadership different from that of the past, but it is a leadership through his involvement and commitment, beyond the fact that if we analyze the last minutes and what happened against Madrid, I do not think it is an example to give or judge to a player.”

If you prefer to play away from home due to the pressure of the fans: “I prefer to always play in the Parc des Princes with our fans. I prefer to play at home even if there isn’t the best atmosphere”.

How did you experience elimination? “It is a situation that is going to cost us time to sleep fully with the tranquility that we slept before. In 150 minutes that we did we did not expect to end like this. It has been a hard blow and difficult to find. I have not found peace of mind to sleep. The future I think about is today and tomorrow. I don’t think much longer term. First because I have the responsibility to finish the season in the best possible way and then the decisions of the club will be seen to project in the future”.

Wijnaldum’s adaptation: “It’s a different adaptation. The same player cannot do the same thing in a different environment. It’s normal. Finding your best form always depends on time, adaptation and timing. His involvement and commitment is total, then we could discuss the performance, but justifying that the comparisons are odious”.

What things must be changed to go far in the Champions League: “It is clear that in recent years, in the year of Covid, when the “Final 8” was played, the team reached the final for the first time. The following year, with our arrival, for the first time, PSG, in a normal situation in the Champions League, we eliminated Bayern and Barcelona and reached the semi-finals. In a normal Champions League situation we reach the semi-finals and lose to City. It is clear that it is the illusion and the desire to give our club a Champions League has been a priority in recent years. In the last ten years the idea has been formed that the Champions League is the most important thing. We have to show that Ligue 1 is the tenth league. I think that the priority has always to be and has always been the intention that comes especially in the history of the club, to create competitive teams to aspire to the maximum. Then at the end of the season we will see the decisions to be made to create that illusion of generating a competitive team to win the Champions League, which is what everyone who loves PSG wants”.

If you want to continue at PSG and believe you have the ability to evolve the team: “We are competitors by nature and challenges and rematches are always what give us the most energy. It is clear that, beyond the sadness of the Champions League, being able to give a club like PSG the chance to win something big is a challenge. The motivation is there. I have much clearer ideas after a year. I think we have been in a project that had never been experienced in another club. We have more knowledge and more management capacity in all senses. It is clear that we have acquired knowledge that can be or will be of great value to us as a coaching staff, where they allow us to do our job”.