Getafe achieves it for 9 million euros and uncovers a top signing at the height of Vinícius

It comes out in Getafe CF. With his fourteenth goal in LaLiga Santander, the Turkish striker Enes Unal is just two steps away from equaling the best historical record of Roberto Soldadowho holds the record for goals in the same season (2009/10) in the Madrid team with 16 hits.

With a spectacular header, worthy of Carlos Santillana himself, Enes Ünal added a new goal this Friday at San Mamés against Athletic. He has already accumulated 14 and only Karim Benzema, with 22, surpasses the Ottoman strikerwho this Friday matched the Brazilian Vinícius Júnior and beat Raúl de Tomás (Espanyol) and Iago Aspas (Celta).

Those numbers had not been seen for a long time at Getafe. Since Roberto Soldier left more than a decade agothe strikers from the azulón team, except Jaime Mata and Jorge Molina, who scored 14 goals in the League in the 2018/19 season, and Ángel Rodríguez, who scored 13 in 2017/18, have not performed at the same level.

Now, Enes Ünal is facing a historic opportunity. He has reached a figure with which he is within range of the Soldier record. He only has to score two goals to match the current Levante player and he has ten games ahead of him to achieve it. If he keeps up the same hit rate, Soldier’s record will drop.

A young nomad with a multitude of assignments

But to get to this point, Enes Ünal has had to go through many phases in his sports career. Despite his youth, 24 years old, he is a globetrotter. Eight years ago he left his country to sign for Manchester City, which in three seasons loaned the Getafe player to four teams.

First, he played in Belgium. In the ranks of Genk He scored two goals in fourteen games. Later, in the NAC Breda Dutchman, with nine goals in 14 games. Then it was the turn of the Twentealso from the Netherlands, and where he reached his best record in a season: 19 hits in all competitions.

From the Netherlands, he traveled to Spain. His first team was I raisedin which he barely played seven games before leaving that same season, 2017/18 and already transferred, to Villarreal. In the Castellón team he left his mark with five goals in 31 games and, again, he was loaned out.

His next destination was valladolid. In his two campaigns in the Valladolid team he accumulated fourteen goals, a figure far from his best record at Twente. Then, Ángel Torres appeared to sign Enes Ünal. He disbursed a good amount, €9 millionand purchased their services.

Getafe opted for an attacker with a promising past who had not finished breaking into the elite. And, in his first season at the azulón club, last year, he disappointed after scoring only five goals in all competitions. He arrived in the decline of the project commanded by José Bordalás and later joined the bad start of Míchel.

Quique, the key to Getafe’s best signing

With the previous Getafe coach on the bench, his progression followed the same path. His team, sunk in the table after eight days in which he added only one point out of a possible 24, influenced his individual evolution. He didn’t score a single goal. In fact, until the arrival of Quique Sánchez Flores on the Getafe bench, he did not do anything.

Enes Ünal began to score on matchday ten. His victim was Granada. And since then, it hasn’t stopped. He has signed four doubles (Espanyol, Levante, Atlético and Alavés) and has scored against Cádiz, against Alavés again, against Granada twice in different games, against Real Madrid and, this Friday, against Athletic. In total, 14 goals of indisputable value for his team.

Getafe has accumulated 27 goals this season and Enes Ünal has scored more than half. Without his contribution, Quique Sánchez Flores’ team would surely be closer to the Second Division positions. At the moment, it remains five above Cádiz, a club that marks relegation with one less game.

Now, Enes Ünal does not want to apply the handbrake. He wants to hit another spurt to crown a season that would be historic for the Turk. In the absence of collective brilliance in Getafe and with only one objective, that of salvation, the entity chaired by Ángel Torres at least has the option that one of his men break a record that seemed unattainable: Enes Ünal, already aims to Soldier.

Presentation of Enes Unal with Getafe (Photo: GFC).