“I would like to have a stadium with 35,000 to 50,000 spectators”

Miguel Concepción, president of CD Tenerife. /Sergio Mendez

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the first and only classification of the C.D. Tenerife to the semifinals of a European competition, COPE Tenerife organized a special program at the Círculo de Amistad XII in January with the participation of former Blue and White players such as Antonio Mata, Antonio Pinilla, Vivar Dorado, César Gómez and Slavisa Jokanovic, in addition to the current president of the club blue and white Miguel Concepcion. The highest representative of the representative reviewed the hottest topics of the club’s sports news such as the fight for promotion, a new stadium and the silver anniversary of the European feat.

On this event, the president commented that he longed for that CD Tenerife that was the best in blue and white history. “We feel a certain nostalgia. Let’s see if one day we can step on the European competition again. You always have to keep up the illusion, it was a moment of glory for Tenerife. We do not lose the illusion to give our fans that glory. He came from watching Third Division football in La Palma. I came to Tenerife and started watching Tenerife matches in Segunda B. Seeing the growth of the club, step by step, until reaching the First Division and fighting against the elite in Europe was the ultimate, it put you on another plane”.

Concepción “enjoyed” those moments very much, although “later worse times came but we always have to maintain the illusion, we hope to recover part of that glory. Seeing Antonio Mata transports me to that stage, I relive it again. I congratulate him and thank him for what he transmitted to all the fans”.

The representative faces a key game next Monday against Almería if he wants to fight for direct promotion to LaLiga Santander. Miguel Concepción valued the current moment of the team. ” What the fans feel is enthusiasm for achieving the goal and the club will spare no effort to beat Almería on Monday and then continue in Burgos. You have to add three by three to achieve direct promotion. It is very difficult, but for the other favorites like Éibar, Almería and Valladolid as well. You have to maintain concentration and dedication, that the players believe it. You have to win every game to have a chance.”

The Blue and White president pointed out that they can give the bell in the fight for promotion in the year of the Centenary and was optimistic about it.

“By budget we should be lower, but things are not like that. We can give the bell, I respect the good teams that the favorites have, but we are in the Centenary year, we are excited and a committed group. There is a wardrobe in the squad to compete until the last game. We are there, the important thing is that illusion is being generated. The team is quite compensating, they all add up. The team has nothing to envy to the leaders of the category. If luck is with us and we continue in that fight, we can achieve it. It’s difficult, but we depend on us.”

new stadium

Miguel Concepción did not take a dim view of the construction of a new stadium, considering that the Heliodoro has become “absolete”, but the main thing at the moment is to finish the works on the Ciudad Deportiva

“That idea is there. Tenerife must not say no to anything from the outset, we will fight so that this idea can become a reality. I would like to have a stadium with 35 to 50,000 spectators, it could be profitable. It would be to give a touch of modernism. The Heliodorus is fine, but it is many years old and has become obsolete. If we work together it could be achieved, but for that it would be important to get promoted to the First Division, and even more so this year of the Centenary”.

Miguel Concepción has also announced that “we also want to finish the Ciudad Deportiva this year. The metropolitan area is large for its location, the good thing would be if it had good communications so that everyone could come, with public transport and parking spaces. It should have more things, like the English stadiums. In the morning they are like a social club, with all kinds of facilities, you can spend the whole day in the stadium, leisure time and then watch the match”.

For Concepción, the stadium “should not be a stadium just to go, sit and watch the game, you have to enjoy and feel comfortable spending the day with your family. That this idea is being discussed is good, at the time we presented a preliminary draft to Santa Cruz and La Laguna and now it can be recovered, we welcome it, but the main thing right now is to finish the Sports City so that our young people have a decent place to practice football”.