Juventus coach had discussion with Cuadrado and Dybala; this is how they reveal it in Italy

Last Wednesday the Juventus of the Colombian Juan Guillermo Cuadrado suffered a debacle when falling for the round of 16 with Villarreal. The Iberian team hit the home of the Vecchia Signora taking, not only the series, but scoring and generating a certain crisis in the Italian team that has been out for two consecutive seasons in this phase.

Faced with this hard fall, this Saturday, the Gazzetta dello SportItalian media revealed that the atmosphere inside Juventus is not the best. According to this medium, the coach Massimiliano Allegri had a cross of words with the Colombian Juan Guillermo Cuadrado and the Argentine Paulo Dybala.

“Sparks after request of the ‘Joya’ and Cuadrado about training times. The indicator of a more tense situation than ever”indicated from Italy in an article.

The Italian team was surprised by the Spanish – Photo: AFP

But how did this discussion take place? According to Gazette, “Dybala and Cuadrado went to Allegri to ask him about the plans for today, the day before Juve-Salernitana. Topic for discussion: the program with the pre-match retreat (Juve will almost certainly sleep at Continassa tonight) and in particular today’s training schedule”.

Following this, the Italian coach’s reaction was as follows: “Allegri did not like it and the request degenerated into a fight, with Max accusing Dybala. The meaning of the speech: “Only you, Paulo, make such a request to me?”.

Although everything indicates that the coach had more discussion with Dybala than with Cuadrado, the tension is felt these days at Juventus, which is not doing well in the local tournament this season either. “The confrontation, which in football has happened at other times and will happen at other times, will not necessarily have consequences but it is indicative of the moment of Juve in general and Dybala, more than Cuadrado, in particular,” the note concluded.

For now, Juan Guillermo Cuadrado will rest this weekend in a new day of Series A and will head to Colombian soil, this to join the Colombian National Team that will seek the miracle of going to Qatar 2022 against Bolivia and Venezuela.

After the elimination by Champions, the Colombian did not hide his frustration with a message on Instagram. “Anger and disappointment, but that’s football, we can’t stay in sadness, we have to get up quickly. turn the page and focus on our goals in the Italian championship and cup,” he wrote.

What will become of the Colombian’s future?

Without rushing and contrary to how he is seen on the pitch, with great speed and skill, Juan Guillermo Cuadrado is seen facing a possible renewal with Juventus, a negotiation that already has several chapters, but that undoubtedly seems that in the coming weeks he could have a final decision.

Italian media have given different versions about it; however, during this Friday (March 11) it was the same Colombian player who revealed details about the particular case, in a conversation with the media DAZNpopular on European soil and which was able to compile important reflections on what the Colombian said.

From the first response, Cuadrado showed clarity on what is happening, clearing up some rumors to give way to calm in the process that is being carried out: “I am very calm, the club and my environment are talking about it. It doesn’t change for me to do it now or in a while. Here in Turin I feel very good and Juve is my family”.

And it is that for several months, one of the Colombian players with the greatest regularity in Italian football and one of the clubs with an important weight in Serie A, have waged a dispute in which they seek to benefit from trying to continue with a link job that for some seasons has been successful.