La Real explores the Russian and Ukrainian market

Once the blow has been conceded and the state of ‘shock’ has been neutralized, Real begins to assimilate the absence of its franchise player for an incalculable time. Mikel Oyarzabal’s very serious injury, a torn anterior cruciate ligament, is going to change a lot of things in the coming months, both within the team and at the club. The gap it leaves is of such a dimension that Real is considering reinforcing the team for the last nine games of the championship, those after the break.

As MD has learned, the txuri urdin club is already probing the Russian and Ukrainian markets in search of a footballer who can replace Oyarzabal on the left side of a txuri urdin attack that is greatly diminished and weakened by injuries. Taking into account the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, there are teams from both countries that are being dismantled and quality footballers that have become free or available and that is where the Gipuzkoan entity is willing to throw its pelagic nets .

La Real, like any club, is covered by the regulations to be able to sign at this time, outside the market windows, since it has a free card in its squad. Taking into account that there are only 24 players registered in the first team, they could register a free player in the coming weeks, without having to discharge Oyarzabal. That possibility ceased to exist two years ago, that of replacing a footballer with a loss due to injury of more than five months for another without a team.

Claesson, the most valuable free player

Thus, there are very interesting players in the market today. One of them is Victor Claessonthe most valuable free footballer today. The 30-year-old Swedish international is a left winger and is valued at nine million euros, but he would arrive without the need for a transfer because he is one of the players who has left Krasnodar in the Russian Premier League.

the partner of isaac in the selection he would fulfill all the sporting requirements to replace Oyarzabal: he has a goal, he can play in both attacking profiles, he is a second left-handed striker who appears from the band and has also been the franchise player for Krasnodar.

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The second free soccer player with the highest cache is Remy Cabellaanother left-handed midfielder from Krasnodar. He became international with France. Another case is that of the Pole from Dinamo Moscow Sebastian Szymanski. He is another left-handed playmaker with a lot of goals whose agent assures that he is in advanced negotiations to leave the Russian club for a small amount. He is left-handed, he is 22 years old and has scored six goals in 19 games in the Russian Premier.

to renew

The injury is from Thursday and there are many decisions to be made, everything is in an embryonic phase. La Real is going to modify its planning for next season, but not its intention to renew aa Oyarzabal in the terms in which it was foreseen.

This year was the summer indicated to undertake the strategic operation of extending the captain’s contract, which expires in 2024, and it would not be surprising if that moment were brought forward due to the current circumstances.


They will wear a support shirt in Seville

Tomorrow against Sevilla at the PizjuĆ”n will be Real’s first match without Mikel Oyarzabal. The footballers will look for a necessary victory in their European fight to be able to dedicate it to their captain. In addition, they will pay tribute to him before the match begins. Yesterday they commissioned the design of some t-shirts of support and affection addressed to the one from Eibar, who will not travel to Seville and will have to watch the match on television. If a royalist scores a goal, it is likely that he will also dedicate it to Michael.

the injury

A fortuitous action, a stomp on a partner

Mikel Oyarzabal He suffered his injury in a perfectly normal action in training on Thursday, by chance. He stepped on a teammate instead of the grass, the knee rotated more than his elasticity allowed and he suffered that serious injury. The doctors assure that the evident wear that the ’10’ dragged has nothing to do with what happened. And that since August 2020 he has played a whopping 98 games and almost 7,000 minutes without rest between Real and the national team and in the txuri urdin team his clock has stopped in 272 games, 79 goals and 49 assists since 2015.

Day 1

He went to Zubieta to receive physiotherapy

On his first full day of convalescence, Oyarzabal He went to his daily appointment at the Zubieta facilities. He was one of the first to arrive, but instead of jumping onto the grass like the others, he lay down on a stretcher to undergo physiotherapy. That will be his normal life for a while. The countdown to his recovery will begin the day after his surgery. It is expected that he will undergo surgery in the coming days and from there a long process will begin that will take him until next autumn or perhaps until 2023 to return to a playing field.

A not disappointing balance

Four wins and four draws without the ’10’

It was inevitable to think that the Real lost many of its European options when the news of the injury of Michael. But the statistics of this course contradict this forecast. The eight games in which the player from Eibar has not been able to intervene have resulted in four wins (1-0 against Mallorca, 0-2 against Celta, 0-2 against Osasuna and 0-1 against Graz) and four draws (2-2 in Wanda, 1-1 in the Anoeta derby, 1-1 in Mendizorroza and 1-1 against Graz). If he maintains that rate of addition without his captain, Real will qualify for Europe.