Ligue 1: Messi’s plans: his future at PSG, his next Champions League, the World Cup…

Leo Messi It has been much discussed externally after the elimination of PSG in Madrid. However, in the French club, there are few doubts with the Argentine crack. In fact, to this day, PSG’s future plans go through the leadership of the Argentine, that, for his part, he intends to fulfill the two years -strict, without an option signed to another third party- that he has to commit to in Paris -he would have one more left-.

PSG accounts go through Messi for several reasons: one, the one we have mentioned; two, the departure, more than likely, of Mbapp to Real Madrid; and three, the sporting decline of a Neymar who is still a crack, yes, but who does not have a great future. More so, without Mbapp, it is very likely that Messi’s role in the team will change -We would have to see who the next coach is, of course-. This season, Leo has been seen more as a playmaker than as a striker; more thrown back, building game and entrusting everything to Mbapp. Without Kylian, Leo could return to more decisive positions.

There is a lot left, but Leo, who is a winner, you are already thinking, in the next Championsa competition that PSG is obliged to win -after the failure in Madrid-… without ever having won it. That challenge turns Leo on. Hence, do not hesitate to stay a second year, as signed. But it is true that there is much left. What are Messi’s challenges between now and the end of the season? The first is easy: confirm this Ligue 1. PSG leads Marseille by 15 points, and everyone assumes that the League must win it… but last year, for example, they didn’t win it. Messi wants to continue adding titles and Ligue 1 will not be neglected.

The individual and collective numbers of Leo they are not enough this season to qualify for individual awards. The Ballon d’Or – it will be awarded in July this year – is not even discussed and the Pichichi of the Ligue is far away (he has two goals). S will have, as a consolation, the prize of being the best assistant in Ligue 1. For now, he has 11 (in 18 games), for Mbapp’s 10 (25).

Obviously, Leo has the World Cup -November/December- as background music. It will be, in theory, his last chance to be world champion – he will arrive at 35 and a half years old. Therefore, he has it between eyebrows. Nor is it true, as many Argentine media claim, that he lives only for the Albiceleste. Being in great shape with PSG is the best way to be in top shape for the World Cup with Argentina. It’s logic.

The astro did not train yesterday due to a little discomfort and it is a doubt for tomorrow against Monaco (1:00 p.m.). Today it will be known if he enters the call, although it does not seem easy. Leo will then move next to him to play with the Albiceleste.