Millonarios vs Once Caldas victory analysis in BetPlay League 2022 | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League


Good game at the El Campín stadium, purposeful football, with clear ideas on the pitch. In addition, both Gamero and Corredor are characterized by giving their eleventh a special touch, with the ball as a priority.

The work time was evident on the pitch, with Millonarios dominating in possession of the ball. Once Caldas had to close, prioritizing the double block to avoid a surprise from Millonarios in attack.

Points to highlight, from the current leader of Colombian soccer.

Daniel Ruiz moved the strings of the party: To talk about the Bogota midfielder, you have to start with the goal. The option of the penalty was all his, taking advantage of his technical conditions, to unbalance in two steps, creating the foul in the area.

It is common to see the three Millionaires flyers moving between the two sides in the middle, without one having a fixed place. From the approach, Ruiz would be given at one end, but the Bogota native always came to be located in the middle on the left, giving Perlaza the opportunity to also join Sosa in the central lane.

The first half was more about trying to break the rocky containment of Once Caldas. In the second, he had more freedom and space to play on the right, on the left, always aiming at the wall and the offensive game.

He completed a total of 80% of the passes made. In addition, he forced Once Caldas to almost always set a man for him, he easily found a way to win the position.

Importance of Llinás in output and generation: not only his security in the background, as always, complementing himself perfectly with Juan Pablo Vargas, already usual with the cut of the game, recovery of the ball and his good foot.

In addition to that, he always showed himself as an alternative and began to be, in the first half, the manager of the attack start. He took advantage of the support of Vega, nailed as libero and third center back, on the court.

The approach of Once Caldas, almost forced, given the intention of Millonarios to impose their style, imposed defensive work on the visit, with a double block of four. Given this, the position of the Bogota defender was almost in the middle of the field, combining on the right with Perlaza and Ruiz, who appeared in that sector on several occasions.

The heat map makes it clear, the entire right lane was his, even thrown to the band. Two sweeps won, with 75% of duels won on the ground. He had an 88% accuracy rate on passes made and completed five long passes out of nine attempted.

Jader and mobility: Millonarios feels comfortable with a center forward who comes out, who looks for and combines with his teammates. Diego Herazo’s first half was not what was expected, since his characteristics are that of a player to be in the area and win because of his biotype.

The change was sung, Valencia when entering, allowed him to add another delayed man, not only to make superiority, but to open the field, drag the mark of the rival defenders and that the midfielders / extremes, joined the attack.

However, the shot he had, facing Gerardo Ortiz’s goal, sent it over the crossbar.

Tactical variants and forced changes: the absence of Roman, Macallister and Bertel was felt. They are players who print another rhythm. Murillo had already done it as a winger, he complied and contributed until the second zone of the game. For the second half, Gamero was forced to send off Llinás due to exhaustion and Murillo due to discomfort. Perlaza became left back, arriving from the other Rosales sector, in addition, giving entry to Cuenú, who responded in the final stretch of the commitment.