Neymar and the club that offers him 150 million euros

After the elimination of Paris Saint-Germain in the round of 16 of the Uefa Champions League against Real Madrid, the atmosphere of the French team has been quite heavy between players, managers and fans. So much so that the fans have lost respect for their top stars and there is already talk that they could leave the team for next season.

One of the stars that would leave the Parisian club is Neymar, who is said by the French media that, even if he has a contract until 2025, PSG would not want the Brazilian crack to continue in the team. For this reason, the former Barcelona player could change his shirt and league for the second half of this year.

The decision would have been made by the team’s Qatari owners, headed by Nasser Al Khelaifi, the club’s top manager, and it would be completely unappealable. For this reason, people are beginning to talk about what the future of the Brazilian team player would be and a new team interested in having the player has just appeared: the historic Newcastle of England.

The English club would be interested in acquiring the services of Neymar and making him their franchise player, paying 150 million euros to PSG for him and keeping his contract so that he continues to earn in England the same as he earned in the French capital. In Paris, the Brazilian earns 36 million euros, so very few teams in the world could match this salary.

Although it is economically viable, in sporting terms it creates a dilemma for Neymar, since he would join a team that does not play in any international tournament and is currently playing for not being relegated in the Premier League, where it occupies 14th place. However, with the investment that the team plans, the following season Newcastle should at least be fighting for Champions League places.

In recent months, the news broke that the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund bought Newcastle for 353 million euros and with this it became the richest club in the world. For this reason, it is believed that for the following season the club would have great stars to be able to fight with the giants of the Premier, as it has done since the nineties.

The new owners of the team, where Tino Asprilla played at some point, have a fortune of more than 350 million euroswhich is ten times more than the capital that the owners of Manchester City have, which is currently the team with the most stars in the English League and which has it as the leader of the championship and its current champion.

Although Newcastle will not play European competitions next season and this represents an obstacle for Neymar’s arrival, it is true that with this change of league the player could gain in competitiveness, since he would meet rivals such as Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United, Kevin De Bruyne at Manchester City, Salah, Mané and the Colombian Luis Díaz at Liverpool, and many more. In addition, the Premier League is currently considered the best league in the world.

We will have to see what decision Neymar and PSG make at the end of this season. The truth is that the relationship seems broken. And in the French team’s recent home games, fans have shown their discontent with Neymar, Messi and other stars of the team who earn millions. They ride the local league, but in European competitions they cannot get the Parisians to lift their first Champions League in history.