pure happiness in april

The Goddess Fortune defined the UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals and all that remains is to wait for them to arrive to get us excited

The die is cast. The Quarter finals from UEFA Champions League are defined and we can only rejoice at the good hand that the Goddess Fortune. After a round where the top 16 gave us exciting matches and surprises, all we have to do is wait for the first week of April to get excited, fortunately, again.

The Spanish LaLiga has found a perfect relaunch of its project in the round of 16 of the highest club tournament on the planet. The performances of Madridthe athletes and of Yellow Submarine They have made it clear that they are doing something right. The tremendous disappointment caused by a convulsive FC Barcelona in the group stage was duly palliated both by their eternal rivals, as well as by the current mattress champions and by a Villarreal who raises his hand to become the black Horse of the competition.

The soccer that is practiced in the big island It is, for many, the best in the Old Continent. Although they suffered from a strange lack of prominence for more than five years in the second decade of the current century, the English clubs have returned to their own rights and have not stopped disputing the greatest throne that every European team dreams of occupying but that very few manage to sit down . The current monarchs, the chelseaas well as the indomitable Liverpool and manchester city They present themselves as the standard-bearers of a Premier League that looks suspiciously at how LaLiga tries to take away, sportingly, economically and structurally, the label of the best domestic club competition on the planet.

Out of these two blocks of footballingly antagonistic countries, there are two teams full of history and that coincidentally are the top league winners in their respective countries: the FC Bayern Munich and the Benfica. The Bavarians, European monarchs in the year of the pandemic, and the Portuguese Eagles, two-time champions in the early sixties of the last century, are presented as the solitary, although no less dangerous, opponents of Hispanics and British. Curiously, these teams made up the same sector in the group stage and were complicit in launching Barça into the Europa League, where, by the way, those led by Xavi also reached the Quarter finals and will face the German Eintracht Frankfurt.

Having said the above, the party chelsea against Real Madrid paints to be the most attractive in this round. The You meringues They gave a sample of their winning DNA by getting up from the canvas and leaving astonished Messi, Mbbapé and Neymar lying, who, to this day, have not managed to recover from the somersault. Carlo Ancelotti’s team will now face a very different rival. Neither more nor less than the current champion, who, although for now does not have liquidity or to pay for the gasoline of the bus that transports them, has incombustible footballers such as Kai Havertz, N’Golo Kanté and Thiago Silva, to name a few. The chelsea by Thomas Tuchel will be a real litmus test for the King of Europe who will have in Karim Benzema the amulet that will allow them to overthrow the current occupant of the throne.

Another authentic treat is the game that will face the current champions of England and Spain: manchester city and Atletico Madrid. After their wonderful victory against the other Manchester team, the colchoneros will already be sure that the only way to erase their irregular campaign is to reach the final at the Stade de France and lift the Orejona for the first time in their history. The troubles that ‘Cholo’ Simeone has had in recent months will be left aside if they are capable of beating Pep Guardiola’s boys. The big problem, however, is that the citizens They are still suffering from the pain of defeat in the final last year in Porto. The thirst for revenge, not revenge, is growing in the palates of Sterling, Gabriel Jesus, De Bruyne, Gündogan and company. This duel, without a doubt, will leave many emotions in both the Etihad and the Metropolitan.

Nothing to lose and everything to gain. Unay Emery knows this well, as he will face the until recently considered the best team in the world. The yellow submarine knew how to take advantage of the curse that has weighed on the Old lady and he executed a football without distractions or contemplations to reach an unprecedented and perhaps unexpected instance. He must, yes, fully exhibit his best and most finished virtues to beat a Bavarian It seems to me that it is still in the process of adapting to the idea that Julian Nagelsmann has wanted to impose on a team that is still powerful, yes, but that has suffered several casualties due to injury throughout the season and whose squad, from my perspective, is dangerously short. The bavarian gianthowever, it has one of the best strikers in recent years, the Polish Robert Lewandowski, and players who have already experienced European glory such as Coman, Müller, Gnabry and Kimmich. The favorite is definitely the record championbut I already said it, the Villarreal is called to become the black horse of the current champions if he manages to reach the prelude to the final.

The draw this Friday in Nyon left as the last duel the Benfica against Liverpool. Perhaps the most uneven of those already mentioned. The Liverpool It is still an extremely powerful team and has every reason to leave out Nélson Veríssimo’s team, which surprised locals and strangers alike by eliminating Ajax at home. Nothing is written in football, I have said it all the time, but the Eagles, who are third in the Primeira Liga, 12 points behind Porto, are not today the ones who have this magical ink with which great deeds are written .

Spain against England and two more guests. The champions it will be a wonderful pretext to be happy in april next.