Spanish – Mallorca: Vicente Moreno: “Darder was in Luis Enrique’s preselection”

Vincent Moreno has explained that Luis Enrique has told him that they closely follow Darder. In terms of party, he has explained that Diego Lopez can play against him Majorca. The coach is aware that a victory would give them a great boost to sign the first objective, salvation.

Diego Lopez

“A hundred percent we are never anyone, we always have a leak. But he is fine, in call, totally available to play”.

Lower handful

“Whenever it has been available it has been important. We don’t spend too much time on what it means not to have it, but on who can give us performance”.

Diego López is well and ready to play

Vincent Moreno


“We think that all the games ahead of us are very important, that’s enough incentive regardless of who the rival is or how we finish in the first round and in the Cup. We want to win, simply because we need victories and we want to stay as close as possible.” up as possible.”


“This victory allows us to add 36 points and be closer to the first goal that we set for ourselves from the first day we arrived. We have the difficulty of a rival who wants to win just like us. It is a very important match, like all the ones that come” .

We want to win, if it were any other rival it would be exactly the same.

Vincent Moreno

To earn

“Our first objective when we arrived was promotion, and then it was to make sure you were in the First Division. Then we will think of other objectives that we can achieve this season. The objectives are progressive as time allows.”

tricky opponent

“We care about ourselves, doing things well to win. We want to win, if it were any other rival it would be exactly the same. We will give our maximum level”.


“Ral usually plays the 90 minutes, which is why he is the one who has the most options to score and the requirement of being the one who has scored the most goals. Then it is important that the rest of the teammates contribute with goals. It is not easy to have scored so many games continuously , that means that we generate, that Ral is there and that when he has no luck there are others who appear”.

darder and selection

“The first thing I told him was that I was shocked because he didn’t include me in the National Team (re). It wasn’t necessary for me to ask him, he himself told me about Sergi’s quality, about the season he’s doing and that they are watching him. He was in the pre-selection. There are high-level players, the coach is lucky, but on the other hand he can’t get them all. We will support Luis’s decisions. I asked Sergi in the morning and he was calmer that I, I was as if the call was for me, with that happiness of being able to bring in another player. Sergi knows that he must continue at the level he is at and can even offer more. That will give him options to enter”.

I asked Sergi in the morning and he was calmer than me, I was as if the call was for me,


joan garca

“I see him well, calm down. The National Team has also included him in the Sub-21 and that is talking about big words, of the level he has. You have to give him naturalness, it is more a responsibility of the coach than anything else. We are delighted with the three doormen that we have and also with ngel (Fortuo), who sometimes comes with us. We are all open to accidents, it is part of being people”.